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Suppression scripts (ACCEPTED)
« on: 20 Apr 2007, 09:09:34 »
Suppressionscript-pack by Second.
Version 1.25

Description: By these scripts i try to bring some deeper tactical aspects that hasn't been present is ArmA before: Suppression to AI. AI units now suffer from bullets flying all around them even if there are zero casualities.

There is readme file in zip, which explains more about scripts and how they work + small demonstration mission.

Version 1.25 is (should be) final

What's new since v1.1:

-Two extra example missions which i had fun playing with... No briefing added or anything.
-hints for missioneditors, how to do some things differently than usually
-Take cover-script (suppression_cover.sqs) for 'panic' and broken', which should make them to stick in cover better than default take cover
-Ability to disable all suppression scripts in mission by command 'disable_suppression_scripts = true'',
-Quite many thing have been changed/tweaked:
*Resistance of suppression is determed by skill level: Novices can't take much when experts takes many close shots before affected even little. and they recore from it faster... Experts and veterans recovers very fast from it if not under constant fire.
*Hints have been changed to be more readible
*When units have been shot at and gained suppression and recovered from it, their suppression resistance grows a bit, should model something like selfconfidence.

What is added in Version 1.1:
-Suppression-values have been tweaked
-Couple big bugs fixed: another messed projectile-detection (l- and m-versions) and another didn't restore group to normal behaviour-level (west and east weapons scroipts)
-Added two values:one which raises group's suppression-resistance and another let's unit only to get pinned down (determination).
-Little bit of optimizing
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New version
« Reply #1 on: 23 Apr 2007, 13:26:11 »
Because of two major bugs in scripts, fixed version (1.1) is released. Can be found from above (first) post.

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Re: Suppression scripts
« Reply #2 on: 02 May 2007, 17:56:16 »
version 1.25 released.

First post edited acordingly

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Re: Suppression scripts
« Reply #3 on: 20 May 2007, 04:13:28 »
The first mission is night so  I cant tell what is happening, The second mission was good, but i also couldnt really tell what was happening. It seemed like my group would somtimes get down and not move even when we werent being shot at.

I think you should make a simpler demo mission on desert island with two groups, 1 suppressing the other.

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Re: Suppression scripts
« Reply #4 on: 20 May 2007, 20:55:53 »
Was there some hint text displayed, when they got down? They also need to recover from suppression (not being shot at for a while) before they start to act normally again. As ArmA doesn't have proper mechanics for detecting hostile bullets and my skills are quite limited, so i needed to use work'around-system which doesn't work perfectly, so it might have been that own fire has caused suppression.

Those mission are just hasty made examples, showing possible advantages/disadvantages suppression can cause. One-on-one squadfight isn't best way to present that, but it shouldn't be too hard to do yourself, just make that mission using quides provided with .ZIP.  ;)

There's better and fullfilling thread for this pack in here:;act=ST;f=71;t=61610