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Author Topic: Making a scary as MP mission  (Read 1093 times)

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Making a scary as MP mission
« on: 28 Mar 2007, 09:48:58 »
Okay, I'm working on an MP mission for OFP called Raining Blood, and basically it takes place in the dark of the morning (about 3am) and it's in the pouring rain. I want it to be as scary and as suspenseful as possible. I was wondering whether it is possible to add a script in that adds more lightning, thunder, etc.

The map is also, a Sector Control map, and I've got 4 groups on West and East. The main group is the one that you can choose what soldier you can play in in that group, while the other three groups are AI battling it out. I want both a scary mission, but with a lot of people. Just tell me if you don't think it's right.

Anything to help make the mission scarier and have a more ''rainier'' feel would be great.

Now you're probably asking ''Can I have a look at what you've done?'' (Can I see your mission?) But I can't really be bothered to attach the mission at this time and besides, I'm attaching this 5mb file and sending it (homework) so attaching this mission will only slow things up.

Hope I can get some help ASAP. Thank you. ;)

Chris :)
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