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Author Topic: Mission Idea (New)  (Read 1230 times)

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Mission Idea (New)
« on: 22 Oct 2006, 20:45:22 »
I thought of this mission, although it would be a difficult one to make and need some scripting.
This will be based off a source in enemy territory.

Intelligence reports that the Russians have a controlled area of chemical and biological weapons which will be very crucial and deadly to our forces on this island. Intel also knows of a source inside the compound, which is an informant for us who is currently in the occupied enemy territory. Further more, the Russians only have one source of substance of Chemical and biological compounds, more shipments are arriving later this night.

The informant is very important source of information in the enemy territory. If he insists you take him with you that order is not for you. Donot take the informant with you.  Our general wants to keep him their for further use and information on the enemy operations. If you disobey this order, consequences will follow. Under no circumstances will we board this informant on the helo at pickup.

I have some pretty good ideas for this mission, but I will need help from the community because this mission does require some skills i donot have for editing in OFP.

What does everyone think?
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Re: Mission Idea (New)
« Reply #1 on: 22 Oct 2006, 23:15:06 »
What I think. Put your ideas into this mission and ask for help if needed :).
I suggest that you start with this mission and if it turns out that it's a pretty big mission and time consuming. I suggest that you port it to arma format when it comes out and continue developing the mission in arma.
Because I think that this one will take a few months if done properly and if you want it big scale.
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Re: Mission Idea (New)
« Reply #2 on: 23 Oct 2006, 16:16:56 »
Yes, If you cant do it all.. do what you can.
You can make the mission and then come back here saying what you need help with. Also bear in mind what Cheetah said. If you want to have a decent mission, you will have to spend some time on it. Which will run into ArmA no doubt.