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Author Topic: (Review Completed) [SP] The Uprising v2.0  (Read 15865 times)

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Re: The Uprising v2.0 (Review Please)
« Reply #75 on: 04 Jul 2008, 06:29:54 »
Hi again,

as I couldn't find all caches as said above I continued to fight the war.

And that is even fun.  :D :D :D

  • The only bad thing is that to control the helis or choppers as the US say is not very easy.
    Especially when you sit in one and want to give him a new destination. By the time you activated his icon
    the heli was again miles away.
  • The AH64 won't attack ground forces only vehicles.
    When you give them a doTarget and doFire command they will attack ground forces.
    • You know which civilians are in which town. You have given them a name. Write a scipt for the helis when
      in combat mode to attack the rebels which are near to it by using both commands.
    • This can be done with the UH60MGs, too. Although I can't write programs and good scripts but this should work.
    As the rebels don't have tanks the AH 64 are not from great use.
  • The US tanks are not from great use either because they get hit very quickly. As you can't fight yourself
    when in trouble and order your units/tanks to fight they just stand there and wait to be hit. Even in combat mode.
    • Shouldn't it work to move as the rebels move. This could be done when in aware and combat mode.
    • Give the tank the destination but leave them selfs to move / attack.
  • As my heli finally was hit I had to continue with the last Bradley and I got in as gunner.
    Here I could clear up alot of mess.
  • When a town is free from rebels and US troops left the icon should turn in blue.

I must have played for two hours trying to repel the rebels. I got that much information at one time
that I wasn't even able to read half the radio speech.

I think that the towns fall to quickly into enemy hands. Or say it in other words. The rebels come up far to quickly
in every town.

  • What about doing this town by town.
  • Let's say when you ring up a friend to get ready for sports he won't get dressed and equipped in a half a minute.
    And when he rings up another friend in another location this takes time, too.
  • The first thing the army does block all communication. This means the rebels need to find another way. Which gives you time.

I hope my thoughts are helpful for you.  :D

Regards limmy3

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Re: The Uprising v2.0 (Review Please)
« Reply #76 on: 04 Jul 2008, 12:24:14 »
limmy please do not double post, but edit the previous one. People can see that you altered a post so you don't have to double post to draw the attention of more content added to a topic ;)
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Re: The Uprising v2.0 (under Review)
« Reply #77 on: 11 Jul 2008, 22:37:05 »
hello i will take this one.
@Limmy thanks for the extra beta testing  :good:
cheers schuler
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Re: (Review completed) The Uprising v2.0
« Reply #78 on: 13 Aug 2008, 02:03:54 »
This mission has been reviewed by schuler.
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