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Re:air traininng mission
« Reply #15 on: 12 Jul 2005, 04:01:34 »
I like the 20 feet radar thing. I played an air mission with that once and it was tons of fun. I was the pilot and it was "interesting" to hold onto control of the bird without smashing into a tree or going straight up into Shilka fire.

@to help with any MG on a heli in any mission even if the player is not the gunner:

Use a method of cycling waypoints that makes the gun side of the chopper always point towards the target. The heli circles the target and the gunner opens up. Use some setvelocity and flyinheights along with a switch trigger (to stop the cycling WPs) and its pretty cool how effective the .50 is. ;)

I've tried it in a few of my experiments in the editor and found it added a lot of sporadic fire cause the AI can't aim to well, but still fires. Also, the BAS M134 is pretty nasty when substituted in for the .50. :-* :)

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Re:air traininng mission
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Would the AI be able to handle it???
Probably not.  I am working on a mission where the player is inserted by a low flying chopper over some moderately wooded areas.  The chopper must fly at least 30 meters high to avoid the trees, because the AI certainly aren't too keen on avoiding obstacles by themselves. ::)


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Re:air traininng mission
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