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spotter scope
« on: 15 Jun 2005, 14:46:04 »
i had a kinda cool idea for an addon,a spotter scope(i carn't remember if thats the acual name for the guy who follows a sniper and spots enemys and stuff like that),in particular the spotter scope used in Halo 2 when UNSC pelicans incounter the scarab for the first time,if you remember 1 of the recon team members is using a spotter scope,it could be equipped with a night vision mode,a really powerful zoom and(if possible)a compass oh and would it be possible to make a load of white petals to fall from the sky like in MGS 3 in the final battle with [censored](i dont want anyone going on at me for spoiling MGS3 for them)?


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Re:spotter scope
« Reply #1 on: 15 Jun 2005, 17:34:05 »
Ok, I don't know about Halo and the white petals and all (you are tiptoeing precariously close to the sci fi cliff of the topic locking vortex BTW)...But the Spotting Scope is a great idea!  

A spotting scope model would be great though!  I think I heard a while ago that the Binos are 'hardcoded' or something, but there have been addons to replace the NVG model, so maybe it can be done?


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Re:spotter scope
« Reply #2 on: 15 Jun 2005, 18:01:51 »
You could make an addon and whenever it was used it could switch to a camera mode that allowed a long distance zoom.  Just like the satellites in the editors depot only slightly modified.  

Just a thought.  Pretty sure theres a script already floating around out there.

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