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Author Topic: Editors wanted to enforce our team  (Read 1080 times)

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Editors wanted to enforce our team
« on: 09 Oct 2002, 13:22:38 »
We're working on a special mission collection, blackops only and multiplayer. No easy grunt, tank or heli shooting but realistic missions with good storylines.

The story a special team (blackops) got a secret base , (we will use this base to start all missions).... planned missions> SAR, Ambush, laser pointer missions (point target for A10's) etc..etc...


10 missions
good storylines (all missions will tell one big story)
realism, no quake fragfun :-)
custom flags, skins etc....

I'm working as a director/editor for the Dutch television, so a lot of experiance with story-lines and design.

Do you want to enforce our development team? contact me by email ervani@xs4all.nl

Ervani OUT

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Re:Editors wanted to enforce our team
« Reply #1 on: 10 Oct 2002, 02:50:30 »
Do you have a good addon or campaign idea and want to start a team to work on? Or maybe you would like to use your talent in a good team and on a good project? Well, you are at the wrong place.  :noo:

Gee three improper posts in one day ::)   that's gotta be some kinda record

I believe.. that as you were told earlier.. this is considered recruiting.. off-topic, and subject to be locked once a Mod see's it ::)

Also, as you were told earlier ::)   there is a proper way of going about recruiting

Check out the training depot, that allows you to post your "advertisment" and for other people to read it, without it beinf on the forums, where it would be "off topic".

::)  it's right up there towards the top of your screen...

I'll even give you a link to it ::)
It's called the training depot  :o
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Re:Editors wanted to enforce our team
« Reply #2 on: 10 Oct 2002, 03:31:46 »
I couldn't have said it better myself ::)

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