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Author Topic: Suez Canal  (Read 1158 times)

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Agent Luciane

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Suez Canal
« on: 23 Apr 2005, 05:31:46 »
I think it would be good to recreate a campaign based on the Suez Canal conflict in 1957 a 24hour war in which the British and the French contingent completely annihalated the egyptian armed forces within 24 hours unlike this Iraq debarkal..you can play as French foreign legion,british paras and also as a fighter pilot flying of the HMS Eagle and engaging enemy units and flying numerous sorties and coming back to the carrier and refuelling


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Re:Suez Canal
« Reply #1 on: 26 Apr 2005, 16:26:52 »
Will you be the one to put this together?  Then do it up!  I would like to see a campaign using the addons from the most recent version of Lost Brothers Mod.
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Agent Luciane

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Re:Suez Canal
« Reply #2 on: 27 Apr 2005, 05:43:17 »
I haven't seen the lost brothers mod yet what era of is it set? the only problem is there isn't too many 1950's era addons around the traps but I will give it a shot and see what i can do


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Re:Suez Canal
« Reply #3 on: 27 Apr 2005, 21:04:25 »
The Lost Brothers Mod has mostly current stuff, and the Suez War equipment that I researched didn't match anything in the mod.  Here are a few things that were used in 1956:


Sherman                 Berlin 1945 Mod
Mauser Kar 98K      WWIIEC
Uzi                          G8Mod
M3 Halftrack            Invasion 1944
Bazooka                 WWIIEC


SU-100        Berlin 1945 Mod
Sherman      Berlin 1945 Mod

Maybe you could ask Berlin 1945 to slap on an Egyptian flag.

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Agent Luciane

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Re:Suez Canal
« Reply #4 on: 30 Apr 2005, 10:42:36 »
The British armed forces used
lee enfield 303s
sten guns
Bren guns
webley 45.s
Lanchester 22.s

and the british marines used

thanks for the research Iam gonna search these weapons out

Agent Luciane

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Re:Suez Canal
« Reply #5 on: 30 Apr 2005, 11:36:43 »
On late 5 November the 3rd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment dropped at El Gamil Airfield, clearing the area and establishing a secure base for incoming support aircraft and reinforcements. At first light on the 6 November Commandos of Nos 42 and 40 Commando Royal Marines stormed the beaches, using landing craft of WW2 vintage. Salvos from the battlegroup standing offshore opened fire, giving good covering fire for the landings and causing considerable damage to the Egyptian batteries and gun emplacements. The town of Port Said sustained great damage and was seen to be alight.

Meeting stiff resistance as they moved inland, No. 45 Commando assaulted by helicopter and upon landing, moved inland. Several helicopters were hit from shore batteries and casualties were sustained. Friendly fire from British carrier borne aircraft caused heavy casualties to 45 Commando and HQ. Street fighting and house clearing was the order of the day. Again, stiff opposition came from well entrenched sniper positions which caused a number of casualties.

Mission 1:
 3rd Battalion of British Para you are a NCO para whos team is inserted paradrop in and fight your way to secure hostile airfield and destroy all enemy forces

Mission 2:
 As a Marine Commandos at first break as part of the beach head by landing craft  you must fight way up beach with artillery support from naval guns destroy artillery positions and hostiles and move inland into damaged town

Mission 3:
As a Commandos carry out helicopter borne attack under heavy shore battery fire land on outskirts of city and push forward into the city secure city through hellish street fighting and enemy sniping..I think I will also try to have this mission also with the player taking the role of the helicopter pilot I think it would be quite scary flying into heavy artillery position zones

I have also been thinking of using the historical scenario with modern troops kinda like the scenario unfolding nowadays but would this take away from the original idea?


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Re:Suez Canal
« Reply #6 on: 01 May 2005, 03:30:29 »
Pulling WWII addons together and making a historically-based campaign is the objective of my Spanish Civil War campaign - I want to show that it's possible to recreate a lot of other conflicts given what we have.  The 20th century was the bloodiest in history and there is a true richness of history in it all.  

A modern Suez conflict would be a play on current events, much like my campaign is a play on history.  I would ask you to crank out a historic Arab-Israeli conflict, but a modern one would be a lot of fun, too.  You could make good use of a lot of addons out there - my philosophy is that good addons aren't worth anything without good missions to use them in.  

Bottom line: make us a killer campaign.