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Author Topic: Yes, another WW3 campaign  (Read 736 times)

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Matt Walter

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Yes, another WW3 campaign
« on: 11 Dec 2004, 23:03:44 »
I bet there is 15,427 WW3 campaigns out there, and about the same amount of campaign ideas i have. i will do them all, it is just if i have an idea, i would like to see if it will work out...plus I started this one already. The big thing is, if this happend, could it.

ok: it is sometime in the near future (no hover bikes or laser guns (which kinda what the near futre means))

BACKGROUND: The UN did something really bad... i don't know what (maybe made a really bad choice) and it was bad enough, a seperatis group forms (which includes countries such as Russia, Israel, Japan, India, Korea (i garentee that korea is not going to be two counties forever) some eastern europe countries, United Kindom, some other random countries, and the U.S.A.) i haven't come up with a cool name for them yet.  The UN councial moves to Paris. Both sides agree not to go to war and each side is allowed to have some observers at the other side's meetings. for the next, say 5 years, each side competes between eachother to "promote peace." for example, if a civil brakes out in africa, both sides will come to the add. At first they would suport the same side and such, but the US lead group was gaining suport, so when a civil war again took place in an african country the UN soported the stronger side and the US side soported the weaker side. Tentions grew. the civil war did not start ww3 which many people thought it would. (i don't know which side should win, the UN suported or the US suported) The UN and US side know look at eachother as a threat... time passes but the UN has had enough after more and more counrties join the US side. The UN secretly agrees to declare war on the US lead side.

The UN don't wont there decloreation of war to be noticed until it is to late. There plane is to have sertian countries invade other countrie in the US group and make it look like a nation to nation mater (no a UN to US side). Also they hope to spread the U.S. so thing that they will be almost helpless. China invades russia. Countries go to russias add to give them money weapons and troops. although not too much troops of some countries don't send any because of the paranioa of the UN and the rumors of war.

Were the game starts: The U.S. past a treaty with some midde east country. the treat was if the U.S. keep some forces in the country to protect them and to help keep the unstable country stable, they would alow them to drill for oil. This place is boosting the US economy, and the UN knows this. The French agree to invade and clam it was a rogue general so they can stall a declaration of war by the U.S.

You are a marine at the site where the french plan to invade.... you know what happens, the french invade. The Russians send reinforcements and fighting bla bla bla. later in the game, the UN decides just to all declare war on the US lead countries.... WW3. You are not only in the desert, you will fight all over and as differant characters. the campaign will be a long one.

Say what you want, I have a funny feeling that i might have to do some fixing to my already made levels. ;)

Oh yea, i might have forgot to type something to the story, it shue seems like i did, but i can't remember....  ;D