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destroying vehicles
« on: 10 Oct 2004, 02:40:02 »
i was wondering if there was a script  that alowed u to have cars crush down when run over by a tank or other heavy vehicle.

it might be a little to violent but still realistic but could u have the same effect with the cars work for infantry too(like in band of brothers)

also it there a way to have when a vehicle explodes to have it fly into flaming pieces and have them land and sit there without disapering.

It might be a little too violent but still realistic to have the same effect of the vehicles flying into pieces work for infantry flying into pieces but not flaming.(like in starship troopers;the movie not the mod)

I hope i dint wierd out the ofpec team with my need for such violence in my missions.

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Re:destroying vehicles
« Reply #1 on: 10 Oct 2004, 12:51:41 »
Tanks crushing cars would be fantastic but very difficult to make because of the collision avoidance routines embedded in the game.    Running down infantry with vehicles doesn't look great, but at least it already works.

Debris I can't speak for, but you would run into horrendous lag problems very quickly.

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