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Hello I need experienced scripters
« on: 27 Sep 2004, 15:30:10 »
Hi there!

After months of reading i finally decided to register and post a thread in this very forum !

I just made my first script that is not just a short action performed by a single unit when a conditon comes true.

Its not something big really, but still, it works, and im proud of it  :D

But i feel like it could be enhanced maybe there are ways not to ask the same things for two different units but to an array or something.

Anyway, id need you guys opinions, any suggestions welcome  :)

Basically, its about two russian squads assaulting a town held by 4 tanks and a few infantry. When tanks are spotted everyone hits the ground and air support is sent. Once armored targets are destroyed, troops get back on feet and attack along with a vehicle (thx for ppl making such great addons as BTR80 units BTW).
Also thx to Lustypooh for his great helo eject script on which mine is based.

See attachment for script file plz.

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Re:Hello I need experienced scripters
« Reply #1 on: 28 Sep 2004, 14:52:08 »
So, is it that perfect?

No easier way to accomplish such actions?  ;)

I looked for some time to have units leader issue the "hit the dirt" order but I couldnt find a way. ???

I tried to script triggers that are already existing in standard triggers boxes such as "East present" cause i wanted to add another condtion, any idea?

Help !!

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Re:Hello I need experienced scripters
« Reply #2 on: 02 Oct 2004, 17:37:41 »
I dunno it's perfect, because I didn't try it yet.  :)

Just an sqs file is in most cases not very stimulating to test a script. Especially when there are so many params...

Can you make a simple mission with it, please?

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Re:Hello I need experienced scripters
« Reply #3 on: 03 Oct 2004, 11:17:52 »

if you want to make the leader of the unit issue the statement on the radio use the following line instead of titletext

leader (group _unit1)  sidechat "Armor spotted, air backup is on its way ! Hit the ground !!"

that means

leader of (group of _unit1) send sidechat message "Armor spotted, air backup is on its way ! Hit the ground !!"

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