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Author Topic: Any D-Day Missions?  (Read 16279 times)

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Re:Any D-Day Missions?
« Reply #120 on: 08 Aug 2004, 14:33:28 »
From what i've seen the mission does look superb, i wanna try it out !!!!!  ;D
How long to go????


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Re:Any D-Day Missions?
« Reply #121 on: 08 Aug 2004, 15:35:27 »
Cheers Gooner, now you are an optimist...  :P

My mission will be relaesed when I think it's ready to be released, quite a few annoying bugs at the moment, but apart from one or two things it runs pretty smoothly.

I've got to sort out some lag problems, like deleting a few dead troops and so on.

Hopefully once my mission St Laurent is ready for Sengir I will finish of Dog Green, which shouldn't be to long away


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Re:Any D-Day Missions?
« Reply #122 on: 10 Aug 2004, 10:38:10 »
Ive had a  D-Day mission for ages, Since we installed the Invasion 1944 mod. Theres a great Island, We Used the Normandy Island for the Invasion, altho the beach is a bit narrow theres great Bunkers built there along with tank traps set up, i Used The Higgins Boat Mod for landing Craft and some WW2 Aircraft , P51s P38s From Trenchfeet??, some Arty fire from a simple script, and the Grouplink Script by ummm  toadlife modified by keykat? bad memory. I used couple other addons  a Allied Units addon  and a Funnies tank addon. Worked Well on High End Systems but alot of the guys with medium low end system had real Framerate probs, so many units active in such a small area. But its hectic as so slow framerate was a real killer.


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Re:Any D-Day Missions?
« Reply #123 on: 23 Sep 2004, 12:58:17 »
Sounds like its coming along just great. I think you should make 4 versions:

•Normal US Soldier
•US Pilot
•German Soldier
•German tank driver/gunner wateva.

If you did that, then no-one could complain and say 'It would have been beter from the other side..'

Have fun doing all the breifings and decriptions and what-not if you decide to !