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Author Topic: untitled mission  (Read 986 times)

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untitled mission
« on: 15 Aug 2004, 18:52:56 »
just came up with this mission, where a special ops soldier was sent to an island to clear out beach defences for an invasion, the spec ops soldier wen to hide in nearby woods to the west, however, after the landing, a counter attack from the west forced the invasion force to the east, away from the spec ops soldier, so the soldier is told to move to a place where he can be extracted, then, you and a few men are sent by blackhawk just to make sure its safe at the evac site, anyway, when you get there, the blackhawk lands, you go into the woods to find the spec ops soldier, (just thought, shud be 2 or 3) and escort him to the chopper, close to the chopper, there is a noise behind you, the spec ops soldiers go to have a look, you wait at the chopper, then there is gunfire, so you and youre squad go to assist, there is a huge explosion, after the dust settles, and the enemies are dead, you set off back to the chopper, but the chopper has been destroyed.

Here i was thinking of you and ure squad go to a base or camp steal a truck and go home, but i was thinking of somethink more origional or different, ne ideas, i would apperciate any input


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Re:untitled mission
« Reply #1 on: 05 Sep 2004, 20:38:01 »

I have three ideas

1. They should build a small boat from the wood near the beach and then sail until a nuclear submarine would take them.

2. They could hide in the woods and wait for the invasion force.

3. They could ask for a second chopper.