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Re:Band of Brothers
« Reply #30 on: 30 Dec 2004, 20:43:26 »
Hmmm there would be a few problems with making this campaign.

no.1 101 airborne units, yes there are some out but not the best addon ever, it would be nice if they used the updated weapons.

no.2 I would prefer this to be made on the book rather than the series because there are loads of things missed out in the book that arn't in the series.

no.3 JOHNs island would kill too many machines, perttis upcoming Bastogne Island would suit it a lot better.

Apart from that it would be good to make this as a campaign, yet it would be harder to capture the feeling of the movie and exactly what it was like over there.

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Re:Band of Brothers
« Reply #31 on: 30 Dec 2004, 21:02:34 »
Agreed, there are those problems.

What kinda updated weapons could the 101st have? They've got Garands, Thompsons, M3A1s and .30 cal's, what more can you ask for? Agreed, the Bazooka could do with being stronger. It took me 8 rounds to take out a BMP with one!  ::)

Besides, if someones gunna make it, they should wait for the new normany map to come out aswell. That looks class  ;)

And it would need custom music. None of the crappy stuff on OFP, it would need stuff just like the movies.
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Re:Band of Brothers
« Reply #32 on: 07 Jan 2005, 16:38:55 »
I've been with this BofB Idea too for a long time, and i wanted to make it aswell, but i got a short on mates who wanted to do this (They all know nothing about OFP or Scripting (Lamo's))
But Tomasz, if you want to set through with this, then i will help and support you with this 100% Mate!
So just give me a signal if you are willing to do this.
Cya Mate.

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