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Trigger help
« on: 02 Aug 2004, 14:28:45 »
i think this is the right forums to ask in but i would like to know how to make it so that when a certain unit dies? i think its somthing to do with grouping with triggers but im not sure  ??? please help :D

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Re:Trigger help
« Reply #1 on: 02 Aug 2004, 14:32:29 »
Create a trigger with zero x/y axis.
In the Condition field (where it says 'this'), write:
Code: [Select]
not alive myUnit

and in the activation field put whatever you want to happen, or group/synch the trigger with other triggers, waypoints, blabla...

myUnit is of course the unit you want to check the heartrate of.

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Re:Trigger help
« Reply #2 on: 02 Aug 2004, 15:11:41 »
If you group a unit to a trigger you will get new options in the Activation box.      You could, in this case, make a trigger covering the whole map with activation group leader/whole group not present, if that works in this particular case.
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