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Author Topic: help, i need a brand new mission style  (Read 3562 times)

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help, i need a brand new mission style
« on: 15 Jul 2004, 11:53:10 »
help, i need a brand new mission style to work on.

has anyone got any ideas how i could make a brand new mission that is not a DM, C&H, ect whicvh is brand new...

aslong as it aint anything to do with a co-op...

i was thinking of doing a CTF-DM until i heard it has already been done

please, any ideas will be appreciated

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Re:help, i need a brand new mission style
« Reply #1 on: 15 Jul 2004, 12:31:53 »
Try looking around, as many ideas have allready been posted here.

EDIT: Oh, and don't start 2 indetical threads please, the 2 guys who helped you in the other thread you haven't even answerd.

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Re:help, i need a brand new mission style
« Reply #2 on: 20 Jul 2004, 08:05:47 »
Well what about this

get the mogadishu terrain addon

and make a black-hawk-down style mission, i've done it and its awesome!

you need:
BAS 'littlebirds' helos
Some sort of desert camo soliders
Some mogadishu soliders (or whatever)
some of the CoC mines to put round the place
some of the CoC unifide artillery

well thats what i used.


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Re:help, i need a brand new mission style
« Reply #3 on: 27 Jul 2004, 04:23:18 »
"A whole new mission STYLE" you say . . .   :hmm:

Okay, I'm game - how about this idea that I've been working on . . .

The idea is that it is a desert mission based in Iraq.  The map could be either Jelhalabat or the Mogadishu map - or you can use any map with a nice big desert type city in it.

One side plays West, the other plays Resistance.  Now the fun part !  The Resistance units are all skinned to look like civilians.  The only way that you tell them from the civvies is that they never blink and they never smile  8) .  This is actually pretty easily done with a bit of tricky scripting (and is already done  ;D ).

Now the even better part !  The Resistance side has both respawn to Group and a script that allows them to recruit new members from all of the random wandering civilians in the city.  Finally, they have another script that lets them set up a bomb lab which will allow them to start making pipe bombs.

The Resistance side has to get new recruits, set up a lab and start making bombs.  It can then start placing roadside bombs everywhere and sending some of its recruits into the US compound in bomb laden trucks !

The West player will have to keep patrolling the streets.  I suppose you COULD just shoot every frowning guy you meet but that might make you renegade in pretty short order !  You could simply tail the likely baddies but you really need to stop their recruiting and find those bomb labs !

The game would go until the last bomb lab and last Resistance unit had been killed (so no more respawns) or until the baddies managed to get a bomb into the US compound (good night Paul Bremer !).

Once again this is another mission that I have about 25% finished.  Until I do, try your luck with the attached dead simple mission - all you have to do is simply spot and kill the non-blinking frowner in the group.

Do that 10 times and you get a ticket home !

Good luck !



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Re:help, i need a brand new mission style
« Reply #4 on: 29 Jul 2004, 15:06:36 »
cool dude, thanks everyone for the ideas, might have to research into some more ways of making different types

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Re:help, i need a brand new mission style
« Reply #5 on: 01 Aug 2004, 10:30:37 »
OFP Chess
Players: 2

What happens is you have a 'chessboard', can consist of the H-objects, it's 8 x 8 squares or fields. A-H and 1-8 (A-H is width and 1-8 is the depth). Half of them are white, half are black. In OFP, this can be done by using the H-objects, half of them aligned north/south, and half aligned west/east.

The Units
Pawns - Soldier
Bishops - Jeep/UAZ
Rooks - M1A1/T80
Knights - M2A2/BMP2
King - Officer
Queen - BlackOp/Spetz Naz

The Idea
Now you have two players, and an interface which lets them move their pieces. It will be just like normal chess except in OFP and with OFP units.

What I'm thinking is that the Jeep/UAZ might be replaced with an armed vehicle, then you can have the 'elimination' of a unit as one unit firing on the other. Of course, each unit would be set as doStop this, and combatmode "blue" (never fire, never engage), so that you wouldn't get an all-out battle going.

For those of you unfamiliar with chess rules, here's the rundown:

Chess Rules.

Chess is an age-old model of war. The king is in the center (with his queen, or advisor) and his troops are arrayed around him. The objective is through turn-based movements get one or more of your units close enough to the enemy king so that you can eliminate him. This is called Check Mate.

Chess Rules Overview

Chesspieces can move across the board in very specific ways, and here is the low-down on how:

Rook, Bishop, Queen
Knight, Pawn
King, Castling

How do you like that then?
It's certainly an original game mode, I don't think anyone has tried it yet. And chess is actually one of the oldest military simulators there are, so it might be fun to implement it in a more modern simulator :)
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Re:help, i need a brand new mission style
« Reply #6 on: 01 Aug 2004, 15:23:49 »
Wonderful stuff.

Check Mate......or is that Czech Mate.

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Re:help, i need a brand new mission style
« Reply #7 on: 10 Aug 2004, 10:42:10 »
Let me say  " Mission Impossible".
Missions based on the Movie concept.
Has that been suggested?.

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Re:help, i need a brand new mission style
« Reply #8 on: 10 Aug 2004, 16:46:55 »
I would say Impossible Mission in Beta Forum. As far as I know I still hold the record. :P

I havent seen MI 1 but MI 2 is sucky. :P

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Re:help, i need a brand new mission style
« Reply #9 on: 12 Aug 2004, 03:50:23 »
I got an idea! A buddy action cop story line.

Ok, 2 players (more if you want, but not to much) drive around in a car, shot people the works. Invastagate the crime, kill the bad guys. It could just work.

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Re:help, i need a brand new mission style
« Reply #10 on: 12 Aug 2004, 04:03:45 »
How about a prison breakout ?

Take a nice walled compound like a base, close off the entrances with extra walls and put armed guards in every tower.  Now put the player and all of his fellow prisoners in the middle of the base, skinned as civilians and with setCaptive set to true.

Set respawn to group and put one big trigger around the camp that will run a script to setCaptive to false once the player's leave the compound.  Let the players rummage for escape tools in the base, once they have them all give them an addaction to remove a wall section - Jail break !

Now have lots of pursuing groups with Seek and destroy orders.  Give your player ye olde Stroke Fist only and see if you can get at least one member of your group into a boat or plane and off the island.  Freedom !

Could be fun !



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Re:help, i need a brand new mission style
« Reply #11 on: 12 Aug 2004, 19:48:44 »
not sure if its been done before, or if its anygood but my idea, it takes place over a whole island, no heli tho, and the east at one end, west at the other, they both have specilaised squads, like recon, AT, AA, infiltration, assault, medical, and so on, however, it the middle of the island is a resistance respawn point and in numerous villages there are resiatance camps, which are like flags in capture and hold, however, when the village is captured by either team, they get a point, and a new respawn point, but, there resistance will launch a counter form their respawn point, if this attack is defeated, the defending team gets a point, after this, there will be random attacks from the resistance. If a team loses one of these villages, either to resistance of east/west, then they lose a point. As for the resistance respawn point/base, destroying thisget a team 5 or 10 points plus stops the supply of resistance fighters, and lets say the west destroyed the resistance base, all the remaining resistance fighters go the the east's main base, then the west would go and capture the east's villages, the only way to end the game is to destroy the enemies base, which would get 10/20 points, however, its the team with most points that wins.


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Re:help, i need a brand new mission style
« Reply #12 on: 21 Aug 2004, 00:36:06 »
Why not just do a really creative team vs. team mission with objectives for both sides and no respawn for either side.  That'd be fun as hell.  Mission ends when either one side is eliminated or one side completes all objectives.  
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Re:help, i need a brand new mission style
« Reply #13 on: 21 Aug 2004, 09:49:07 »
Yeah, somethin like there being certain towns to take and certain objectives to complete, one side has to defend and the other has to attack, and then the roles are reversed. The Defending side has to choose which objectives to defend, while the attackers try to predict where they should attack!

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Re:help, i need a brand new mission style
« Reply #14 on: 22 Aug 2004, 00:51:53 »
branching off of some of these ideas, make a Team vs. Team mission with different objectives for both sides.

Possible storyline:

At 08:00 hours two days ago, Big Bird Three, one of the United States' military satelites passed over Everon, and noticed a top secret plane that the Russians have been developing. Hoping to capture the plane and the few pilots who can fly it, the U.S. Army invades Everon, with the intentions of capturing the plane.

Meanwhile, a tratior flees to the russians with news of the US' well protected codeing laptop. The russians, knowing the exact location of the laptop, send their troops forward to capture and extract this priceless piece of equipment.

Meanwhile, to draw out the Everonian Civil Defence Forces, a merciless Russian commander holds ten civilians hostage in a town, threatening to kill one evey twenty-four hours untill the ECDF surrenders.

If the US save the hostages, the ECDF will join the Western forces. If the 24 hour deadline appears and the US haven't freed the hostages, the ECDF will have to negotiate for their release, and will fight for the Russians to free the civs.

That would be maheym :) Every, say, half hour, or hour, reinforcements arrive. Maybe respawns too.
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