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Dead but getting worse
« on: 23 May 2004, 04:23:40 »
How about another experimentation mission gone wrong, except this time your the crazy, screwed up dude.

(And for all you poor Russians who are killed and made evil by any and all war games except in WWII) NO the Russians are not responsible for this catastrophe, the americans are taking the blame for this one. Okay so you and your group have been testees. The drugs and DNA mutation has messed you up good. But one day the governmennt has ordered that the small testing island off of Malden is to be leveled. The scientists are packing up and most of the guards are leaving before the A10s come and level the place.
You find a small mess up in your prison (Not sure what this mess up is yet... ideas?) You break free. kill any pppl in the immediate area and unlock your guys. Steal guns from the guards and bum a ride on a stolen plane or heli.
THe NATO guys are alerted on Malden and your heli goes down. Find your way across the island as a whole army of NATO troops tries to stop you. Find the transport plane and get away. (What plane should be used here?)

By a whole army, I mean roaming squads and tank columns along with black ops, and spetz natz that are called in who specialixze in seek and destroy. Heli troops, and attack choppers. Everything is after you.

But I should have mentioned this earlier. Those drugs and mutated DNA have made you the premier lab rat with the best results. Bullets do not hurt you. You simply absorb them and you are not hurt. However heavier weappons can kill you.
Your teammates are a little worse off. They can die but a radio signal from the leader brings them back. This is why you are specialer so you can carry the radio thingy. The signal brings them back to life. You will have moments of craziness and eventually you will die if you do not get off the island. A drug has been released into the air that kills all subjects in 12 hours should they escape. Once off the island I don't know can you think of anything?

Variables: whether or not your group can die reg but come back or they onlyt die from rockets, missiles, bombs, tank rounds, or RPGs/LAWs.

Anything else?



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Re:Dead but getting worse
« Reply #1 on: 24 May 2004, 02:58:12 »
Alright here:
Weapons that you and your team can recover or just absorb:

bullets like 7.62 or 5.45
browning rounds
grenades of any kind
tank mgs

Every other weapon CAN kill you or your teammates for good. The setting is Malden and your little island is the one with the runway. Your objective is too find a plane and get off the island. ;)

Come on any feedback? :P


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Re:Dead but getting worse
« Reply #2 on: 25 May 2004, 02:50:49 »
Come on, no one wants to answer GRKs call?
I know it has a resident evil feel to it.....
I need some input as I have started making this mission already. :P