Author Topic: Which mission for which island ?  (Read 984 times)

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Which mission for which island ?
« on: 20 Sep 2002, 12:42:06 »
Greetings.  8)

It would be very nice if there would an easy way to see which island a mission takes place on. This little info needs to be added to the mission table, not under 'more info' (plz).

That way it would be not so time-consuming to get all sp / mp missions that, lets say, take place on JungleEveron.

So far, the island isn't mentioned in the long description sometimes so the only way to figure that out is to DL it and to install it.

Yours, Doc

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Re:Which mission for which island ?
« Reply #1 on: 20 Sep 2002, 23:54:42 »
If a mission requires an unofficial addon island, it will be pointed out in the addons field, I believe.  :)
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Re:Which mission for which island ?
« Reply #2 on: 22 Sep 2002, 05:48:45 »

Thank you for your suggestion.  It will be taken into consideration.