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Norwegian Desert Troops
« on: 13 Jan 2004, 11:30:00 »

just to show some pictures of one of our ongoing projects, Norwegian desert troops. Shown here are some early pictures of Norwegian special forces MJK/FSK in desert regalia somewhere deserty. Still quite a bit to be done, so no release date yet. The completed version of the desert troops will include Norwegian professional regulars and special forces in various versions. We intend to include different types of berets so as to let people use different regiments ingame. As of now these will be FIST-H/Telemark Bataljon, 6. Division, HJK (for ceremonial purposes only i'd think...), Finnmark Regiment (GSV and Jegerbataljonen) and regular brown beret. Also perhaps some navy berets as well.
For anyone interested, the theme of our packs will be set somewhere between now and around five years in the future, hence we'll for the most be operating with G36 and C8 rifles for the majority of the soldiers (much like what Earl and Suchey chose to do with their USMC addon). Also perhaps the FN-F2000.
Other things we intend to include is BAS compliant goggles, Suchey's set of wound scripts and effects, and our own, JAM compliant, set of weapons.
Also expect some missions to go with these, and eventually, perhaps, a campaign'ish thing also.

Feedback is welcomed and should be directed either Viking or Marsuitor:

Other stuff worth mentioning is that these troops are currently planned released once complete, and we'll then continue work on our woodland troops. Much the same can be expected from them except they're woodland. Some of the vehicles we've got planned is the Swedish Stridsbåt 90 for our KJK-marines and an open top Mercedes GD with a mounted .50 cal on top. More on those some other time.

Also, just for record, the weapons shown on the screenshots are either Suchey's Marine M4's or standard BIS M4.