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Re:Out of the Ashes...!
« Reply #45 on: 17 Mar 2005, 08:55:34 »
Thanks for playing, mikero....

Thanks also for the ego boost, though I don't think I'm all that! ;D

The mission premise I used here is a bit wishy washy I've found... the mission can play so differently depending on what happens (ie. if your LT dies or not).

I guess it really is a bit of a niche thing, and won't appeal to those that aren't into leadership of units larger than a squad....
This mission doesn't stand alone all that well. If included in the 'sequence' of missions I plan to make (most of which exist only in my head a the moment) it'll be a good lead in to platoon level command, but as it is the player can find it hard to come to grips with.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback and the kind words. They are very much appreciated :)

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Re:Out of the Ashes...!
« Reply #46 on: 30 Jul 2005, 10:02:34 »
well sure this thread died away but im here to revive it mostly because its one of the best missions ive played definatley up in the top 3
anyway a review
ECP 1.085 in Vet mode

ive also played this mission in cadet mode and its alot lot harder in Vet mode anyway


Has the same picture as facile ground doesnt it ?
nice pic though, fine text nice idea with the links on the overview to other pages
good overview basically


Nice intro but ive noticed a few very ugly shots but first of all shows me Dourdan i think
the medic apears hes about to shoot the dead bodys how about have him in a kneel stance with no weapon ?

then the tanks move out titletext from buffalo but no reply's from command
they advance down the valley until they get attacked here comes the ugly shots
first is when it shows the tanks moving and the camera rises just before it has the camera on the ground where the tanks go over the top of it
the thing with the shot is that its really shky like theres an ofp earthquake

same when it shows the first At soldier fire how about looking down his optics ?
the next is when it shows the second at soldier fire nice shot with the back blast or was that ECP anyway then it also takes too long for the tanks to respond they pretend nothing has happened for a while then they turn in

also when one of them says ' i cant even see past the end of my gun' or something like that it should be 'turret'

then after that shows the airport part all nice and well apart from bits like the text
using the word 'gun' makes them sound un prefessional should be 'rifle' but thats just my thought after that nice and well.


Good here even though i dont read the extra pages i read the objectives have alook at the ground and off i go
weapon selectio nice choice i chose the M16/M203 with 3 grenades and i also had the law launcher on my back without ammo (i dunno why)


Ahh one of my fav missions of all times i can clearly say
so we star tin the chopper still got the sleeping in helicopters from airbourne lol
anyway nice bit of talking helped past the time
then we disembark nice use of the smoke
im told to go to the south west so i do have a quick look throgh my binocs
then i return into a platoon Vee but on the map it doesnt look like any sort of Vee more like a staggered line ?

anyway we stroll along encounter a smal patrol or so i dont like that because im at the back of the platoon so once i get to the front the shootings over.
anyway then we encounter the enemy OP and were told to take it down so we do but
we get spotted even though it wasnt my squad but the side text said it was
it was the other squads taking care of the patrols but no worry i suppose were told to take it down so i run in there launce a grenade and clear 2 men down one man standing inside i shot him OP secure
nice touch with the radio sounds on the russian radio
then were told its too late and to return to formation
we also get called a sniper but we got 2 text messages abot that one wich says SNIPER!! and one wich is like Contact enemy sniper 200 at west or something nice though

once im back into formation im told that i was too late on clearing the enmy OP and to fall into formation i already got the exact same message when i cleared the OP then i think a sniper shot the Lt so i ran over to him and im in control Yippie last review i didnt like this but now i do since i can do my own tactics in a nice and easy to understand control panel unlike COC's i found that to hard to understand this is simple

anyway everyone into formation
i got the same message like
2 follow 2
2 goto 22 56

eg and that lasted for a while and really pissed me off

anyway now with the tactics
i opened the map closed the plan board so i get a bigger view
right alpha squad moves in from the south
bravo attack from the NE
my squad attack from the SE
and charlie attakcs from the NW
everyone gets into position
i order combat mode and hold fire
i inch them closer and closer to the lines then bang to my right bravo was getting attacked by a heavy grenadier they lose half there men
everyone open fire and i order them to move in
everything goes nice andw ell except ther are some large gaps in my defence where enemy's just flank us and appear from behine us enemy spetz natz are advancing right at use literally 10 metres infront of me
this i like so much bang bang tracers everywhere explosions you have suc good atmosphere on this mission the best fire fight ive eve had in a mission no doubt

how many more people are there i keep shotting i run out of my M16 and grenades so i pick up a russian Ak start shooting more rounds got pinned down by an At soldier
nice though he was just peeking out side of the fence very nice if that was intentional
i keep dying around this point by either spetz natz, At soldiers or a grenadier
very hard i think but the atmosphere keeps me coming back for more  ;D
lots of action downt seem to stop once the fighting slows down i order alpha to cross over to charlies position
and charlie eh oh there KIA and bravo to cross over to alpha and i will clear the middle very nice this part i usually hate hunting for the last loon but with all the andrenaline from the firfight it makes this bit great

oh yh ive already mentiones the issue about number 2 trying to lead my squad i also get radio chatter from my old squad ? (not the ECP ai chatter plug in thing)

after a while the area is secure i run behind the tree line and sit back in my chair and feel very tired that fire fight is as real as you get i was actually using up anderealine on it i think very very very good

so the engineer comes blows the wire fence nice title text
and nice use of the satchel charges being placed but he puts tem in the same place wich is a shame he should move around it and put them down
this time none of my men are cuaght in the back blast

well now ive only got alpha, bravo and my squad left so i order them to stay alert and hold fire and move them in positions around arudy and wait for the tanks
they come rolling thourgh aha comence assault all open fire bang bang bang
the tanks help alot in clearing arudy but i cant help to feel there werent enough men in it shame
add a small counter attack with infantry maybe ?
we clear the town and see the officer surrendering how about some speech from him eg the sounds in triggers
i shoot him but only injure him (he takes a shot in the head) i didnt relise it was my last round
so he pulled out a pistol and shot me DAMN restart so i go up to him reload swithc to full auto cause its an Ak and kill him some gut pops around the corner fast reactions from me makes sure hes dead on the floor
area clear and mission complete

that little camera at the end is a shame becuase near the end of the camera shots we were getting shot at again and i wanted to help but couldnt ?


WOW what can i say great great great mission  ;D
i want to play it again
theres nothing outstandingly buggy apart from the radio chatter from my old squad
the things mention in the intro and what i IM you about
great mission
a score this is hard if the bugs are fixed and maybe a small counter attack on Arudy then you might be looking at just scrapping a level 10/10 but at the moment a high 9/10
Good work and cant wait to see the finished result
keep up the excellent work

and thats the review

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Re:Out of the Ashes...!
« Reply #47 on: 31 Jul 2005, 04:30:43 »
Cool :)

Thanks for testing with ECP mate. I'm very keen to know how this mission runs using the new version.
Thanks for the clear blow by blow... I've made a few changes that should hopefully sort out that radio issue, and made the last objective a bit harder. I'll see what else i can fix up based on this review.

An updated version of this mission isn't too far away, just writing the outro now. The voice files are also coming in nicely, with the main parts all done :)

Shouldn't be too far off release hopefully...

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Re:Out of the Ashes...!
« Reply #48 on: 31 Jul 2005, 10:39:00 »
yippie cant wait for the final release
ill have another go with ECP 1.085 on this a bit later on also if the l'espace noir i think it is also isnt that (black space or something like that) anyway if thats meant to be such a defended fortification i was suprised to see no armour eg a Bmp would be quite nice or some armour from Arudy comes down to have a look whats happening but since we dont have allied armour suppport nothing too hard no T80's for example

anywaycant wait for the final release its sounding very good

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Re:Out of the Ashes...!
« Reply #49 on: 31 Jul 2005, 20:46:50 »
why not another review with ECP 1.085
okay this cant be as detailed as the last but ill give it anohter test

Review with Vet mode, ECP 1.085 no super ai


Same as before


good apart from what ive mentioned about those weird shots and buffalo taking too long to respond to the AT hit
also that guy whos meant to be sitting on the ammo crate is too far forward bring him back slighlty hes just hoverin gin air now


fine same as before


so we start of in chopper get to the drop point get out i go to south west corner then i fall into formation but this time we form up into a line squads in colum isnt that basically all squads in stag colum

anyway we move out

and i have to go so ill continue this tommorow
also how do you do that radio sound on each sidechat like a radio ? i havent nticed it on plain sidechat commands so is that using play sound or osmething ?

anyway good work


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Re:Out of the Ashes...!
« Reply #50 on: 04 Aug 2005, 16:32:25 »
So there you go, just finished it.
OfP 1.96 ECP 1.085 bench 4900
P4 2,54 MhZ 700 MB DDR RAM Gforce 4 Ti 4800 Se.
Guess thats friggin enuff!

1. Obj:
Intercept something

2. Obj:
 Attack Lespace Noir

3. Obj:
Support 5th Armoured on Arudy

4. Obj:
Take Command of the platoon

What a piece of work! Here we go:
Everything went kinda fine until shortly after lespace noir was taken. (except Morris had some run-in-circle waypoint issues.)

Ok, attacked lespace noir. went kinda fine, good losses/kills relation to my squad.
Then that jokin piece 'o shit of a combat engineer arrived and blew up my "8".
Well, no can do. Morris tells me to engage, support 5th on arudy whatever.
K lets go. Engaged Arudy, squad was completely shot down, but i had no probs defeating any enemy presence with ma captured SVD which is very mighty imo.

got to the russian radio. since my soldier isnt capable of understanding russian he grunted and shot the radio. then got to the graveyard. Umm, a surrendering russian officer. No possibility to interact, no reaction, so i thought a trigger might have not gone off. Searching the area, finding 2  remainin spetznatz ill take out with ma SVD (runnin hard on 2 SVD mags as i took 4 RPGs with me...proving useless since needless...)
So, area around arudy cleared, nothing happens. except me nothing was going on for a while, no radio etc. so i think Sui would have been so unprofessional to use an east not present trigger for arudy. that surrendering officer is an east unit which is in the guess what i did...deleted him with my scorpion.
At least, a reaction in this lifeless world (No critics, this is meant to be constructive). I say that he was surrendering and my squad should watch its fire. typical, no responsivity of those darn officers. shooting down surrenderers and tell the squad it should be more careful tsss...
So I missed what could have happened to that surrenderer. maybe a cutscene? hu cares. no further reaction though.
And still this yellow thingy tellin me where to go points back to lespace. Important, several times during the mission the formation marker told me to go back, though i was already past it. this IS annoying, as it also doesnt "tick off" when you touch it. the problem is u dont know what the thing wants you to do. tells you to go somewhere but without point. nothing happens if you do so, like it did in the beginning of the mission.
So I got bored of not working triggers, saved in front of morris, n gave im a headshot. uha, new possibilities i might have missed. i got to command the platoon by this nice tool. told charly, only remaining squad on 3 men or so, to go to arudy by waypoint-setting via map-clicking. arudy was of course already cleared by me (alone) at this point. So I boarded the uaz and followed charly. and uha, the tanks in front of arudy moved in also, with some radio msg's, too!
There were already badly damaged tanks of the US in Arudy, so I didnt bother before why there are none. Actually, the 5th armored wich are expected to take arudy, didnt. they only did after being passed by charly. then some communication went off like u sure its secure? gimme a second.....blahlbah mission completed and so on.
Very nice debriefing.

All in all, a great mission again. It seemed a bit to be a modified Facile Ground, as of similar scripts, the airport base... (which i liked more in FG ^^). This "similarity" was great, also using the same characters, the player's one now evolved, and morris doesnt hate him too much cuz hes airborne anymore because he proved himself in Larche... Very nice continuing feeling. If you did more missions like that you could put together a great Campaign, setting how the US forces slowly take whole Malden.

In the final stage it needs some fixes and trigger-overlays (the player wont always do the expected you know the drill stuff...) i would also add a cutsene that somehow shows how morris gets "heavily wounded" (engine:killed but for the story morris should survive imo)[maybe that combat engineer doesnt watch out an morris gets a shrappnell in his arse or something]. this woulda make  sure the player can use the command engine. (which isnt that important actually but since you have put it in why not let players use it). i told you what to be fixed already, maybe rethink bout that yellow glimpse wapoint formation thingys.

briefing great, intro as always great, but i missed those great scrolltexts ^^

high-atmosphere mission with lots of innovation in it which makes this a great one.
In this stage (an its only beta...even the voices are missing) I would rate it a 7.
With the bugs (better: infunctionalities) being fixed its easily a 8 or 9.

Good luck, and no, dont scrap it ;)


The scene in the helo, you know, the BLACK INs to simulate the player fall asleep. VERY nice idea, but the blackins are too regular. when they went off i thought "oh, he wanted to do a cutscene or something and did something wrong with his titlecuts. stupid mistake..." then morris told me whats going on and i understood. I would suggest to simply use a different interval. 0.2, 0.4 eg.

To 456820:
Remember CoCs Command Engine is much more powerful than the one used in this mission. This one is straight to the point, but doesnt give you those advanced possiblities as CoCs does which i understood easily cuz I bothered thinking bout it a moment. play CoCs battle school mission and youll know what i mean (if you havent already).
Anyway, how can i possibly use the coc engine for my mission? it isnt an addon, so im clueless... might be a script, il unPBO some battle school...(sry 4 off-topicing a moment)
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Re:Out of the Ashes...!
« Reply #51 on: 15 Aug 2005, 11:12:09 »
oh i thought of a cool idea for this, ive noticed that when a squad is dead in the command interface it has KIA writted over them how about when a squad has one man left in it they say that there on there own and join up with the squad with highest amount of casualties no good platoon leader would leave on of there squads with just one man in
it shouldnt be too hard to do either i dont think

also i finished doing the start of the other review buti came across no new bugs or anything wich i avent mentioned or someone else has mentoned so i thought to leave it as it is

i also noticed that your platoon leader isnt very tactical how about making everyone change formation when certain things happen
a contact situation it turns from a pltoon wede into a platoon line wedge thing and so on

also when im told that say the russians have reported our position why dont you make a Bmp and a few men come looking at the problem and also if we were spotted the whole camp wouldnt be in safe they would be in aware and also why not a lovely siren when your spotted ?

anyway love this mission, most likely my most favourite mission of all time, cant wait for the final version and when will a new beta release be out ?
grea mission  ;D

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Re:Out of the Ashes...!
« Reply #52 on: 15 Aug 2005, 11:18:12 »
oh i thought of a cool idea for this, ive noticed that when a squad is dead in the command interface it has KIA writted over them how about when a squad has one man left in it they say that there on there own and join up with the squad with highest amount of casualties no good platoon leader would leave on of there squads with just one man in
it shouldnt be too hard to do either i dont think

Done. That's implemented in the latest beta :)
Along with an 'establish base of fire' button, and a couple of others.

I'm just trying to find the time to finish the outro, and post the new one up... getting there, slowly but surely.

Thanks for the continued interest guys :)

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Re:Out of the Ashes...!
« Reply #53 on: 15 Aug 2005, 21:33:50 »
While playing this the over-riding thoughts I had was "How did you do that?" and "Damn this is tough!"

Benchmark 6410, Unit replacement ECP (not 1.085), Vet mode, no super AI

Typo's noted:
None.  ;D

LOL.  :wow: Pics for links.  Very nice indeed. Takes an overview beyond what they normally contain.

I know you've mentioned there is a new version due so the only thing I'll say is Nice.

Lot of information here, well laid out. More pics.  :)

Loved the sleepy effect.

Might be better to have the lookout s/w before getting out the chopper, so it looks planned in advance. There was quite a delay until I had it. Nice way of introducing the yellow thing though (position).

We move on, and I try to keep in formation, cracks of a sniper rifle go off, I hit the deck while I look for sniper. See him, shoot him, his mate gets me.

Second time, the Lt gets hit and I take over.  Number 2 keeps issuing an order for everyone to move to a tree. This gets irritating.

Look at command interface and laugh out loud. Another "How did you do that?" moment. It's a bit daunting at first. But finally figure out what it's all about. Kind-of…  :-X

Neutralise Enemy OP is crossed.

Move N/W to flank the Northern side of the black gap. Have to wait for group A to catch up while number 2 bleats his commands. Group A seems to be the one having trouble. Get bored of waiting for them to catch up and have another rummage in the command interface, notice I can move individual squads so follow the procedure to move them and have another little chuckle to myself. Then notice group A are still in Danger mode.  :P

While a wait for them to catch up I have a proper look at the command interface, this is elegant stuff mate. Looks daunting at first but it is actually deceptively simple. Takes me about 20 minutes of playing time to whip them into shape, I think I now "get it".

Get to a position N/W and tell the platoon to hold fire and stop while I go down and investigate. See A LOT â„¢ of badguys stationary and patrolling. Start to plan an attack. Decide to charge up the back of them.

Head to the rocks at EC44 with the platoon in "platoon vee, danger". Am a little disconcerted when it's all quiet. Move to Arudy and someone had a small firefight somewhere. You always know when you're twitchy when you pop a cap in one of your own men as he runs past.

Get to Arudy and there's what looks like an empty T72 and a Ural. Move up into town and notice loads of blokes in the truck, I backup, we waste it.  Then discover the T72 isn't empty but 7 comes to the rescue. I had noticed that when one of the west AI had taken out the driver of the truck the drivers seat was re-occupied but no-one else got out the truck. I end up popping one too many of my own guys and get a field judgement.  :-X

Load one of my many savegames. Take Arudy after losing my medic. Form into Line, squads in columns as we prepare to move up.

Lots of savegames and tactics tried here. Mostly ending up with my being shot as soon as I opened fire. Decide to try not shooting and just spotting for the platoon. Got myself a nice position at Ef44 and started spotting. There were a couple of groups that stayed in safe mode when all the firing started.

Had a bit of a "moment" trying to control the guys. Charlie squad got taken down, Bravo had 4 losses, Alpha only 1. I wanted Alpha to move up but they didn't seem to respond. Also had a "Bravo taking losses" message when nothing was happening.

The spotting of the enemy was great, but the squads seemed reluctant to let me know when they were taking losses. I had to get them to report in to find out.

Got up to the line after flanking right round on my own and ended up getting stuck with a bad save. Ie: grenades on my head or an M2 in my face. I need to start this again.  :P

All this and Number 2 was still spamming his commands. I had to turn the radio sound down.

I'm with Mac, gimme the big red button!

My main complaint of the command interface: after a while I got so used to it I kept pressing M to bring it up, it blends in so well. I didn't expect to get on with the whole interface thing but it becomes very natural after a bit of practice, nicely done. :thumbsup:

Top marks so far. It's just… a little tough.
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Re:Out of the Ashes...!
« Reply #54 on: 17 Aug 2005, 20:46:11 »
also Sui is there like a special AI script in there because there little pesky buggers always showing up on my rear or flanking me they seem very smart and there make some very lovely atmospheric fire fights
i did a classical manuver all squads in line surround them move in inch by inch then attack when they least suspect it but i still ended up with Charlie squad KIA
my squad with just one other gut and the Bravo with heavy casualties but in the end took over there little base after hundereds of Retry's defiantley without a doubt the best Fire fight ive ever faced in ofp

i cant wait for the final release if you make Arudy like L'espace noir in terms of fire fights this would be the best mission ive ever played it left me sitting back in my chair gasping for breath so good  ;D

anyway also will the sounds be done in the next version and what are you going to do with that contact script since there are so many possibilities is it going to require sounds ?

anyway great mission cant wait for the next beta im going to make sure im first in line to downlaod it
amazing work Facile Ground didnt get a 10 well originally but im pretty sure this will
Keep up the good work and hope to see more missions from you too  ;D


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Re:Out of the Ashes...!
« Reply #55 on: 02 Sep 2005, 20:12:43 »
Using OFP v1.96

I'll write this as I go through the mission.

Not much to comment on, glad to see you've kept the same style used for Facile Ground but for some reason I have the same picture that you used in Facile Ground, and the BETA version stamp is on the FG picture too :s


I think the gaps between the words in The Black Gap title are too big. Intro starts properly, nice atmospheric touch with the dead Red, and the tanks begin to move off nicely. I can hear a tree being crushed somewhere behind (I think) me. Don't think you want that.

Love the shots of the tanks passing overhead, and the barrel shot of the AT soldier. Oozes quality.

I have a fairly low draw distance (around 900) and therefore cannot see the tanks that the AT guy is aiming at. Oh OK - the fog, I understand now. Get the impression that the Abrams wasn't supposed to blow up; it didn't, and love how the barrels aim in all different directions.

The final camera shot of the tanks moving off seems a little... boring? It doesn't fit properly. Either have the tanks moving off quicker (there is a slight pause), or change the shot.

Like the The Black Gap overlay, expert shot of the 5t Truck driving into the base, love the text appearing progressively.

Hehe, you still like your tents ;)

Haven't got a clue what one of the soldiers is showing to a few other guys, but at a guess it looks like he's recounting a bar brawl.

Excellent grunt banter going on. Showing some decent character depth. This sort of stuff doesn't escape everyone's attention! Good use of animations, especially like the expressions.

Map briefing starts ... turns off for a few seconds after Morgan says not to gloat... starts again.

Consider pausing the map movements after each thing Morris says. There's a lot to take in and those markers keep distracting me (I'm a sucker for colourful pictures). Although the problem will likely resolve itself when you get those custom voices. Ahem... /looks the other way.

LOVE how the platoon is organised, and the Sergeant's flick of the head towards the men. The Chinook with its engine on adds to the atmosphere and gives a sense of urgency.

'partisan-like' in Notes section.
'definately' spelt 'definitely' (at least, in England) in Lt Morris' notes. Thinking about it, this could just be you showing Lt Morris as any human is - prone to mistakes.

Formations... Oh, me likes. Me likes very much. Could do with a little better integration into the briefing, visually-wise but it doesn't half make me impatient for the mission to come along!

Weapon selection fits the job nicely, and the option of two LAWs is an ominous sign.


The old falling asleep in the chopper trick ;) superb.
I can see you've purposefully given the Player a window seat. Waterfall of professionalism, again.

We've unloaded, and I'm off to the southwestern sector but a VERY odd marker is sending me to the west :P (Just realised, I'm in Cadet mode - is this why I have a marker?)

I think it's Yankee-Blue's text that has a capital 'l' for line.

The marker system works well. Without it, a simpleton like me would be lost in seconds.

The Lieutenant has been killed by a sniper. I never have particularly enjoyed leading men but the interface you've got looks friendly and welcoming - good job.

I click on Move Squad to Position button and a hintbox comes up. I Leave it to cancel the order but the box is still up. Would look neater if it disappeared after the ten second delay.

Charlie spot the recce patrol and I can't find it. Some frantic running towards L'Espace leaves my other squads behind and eventually the patrol is shot down somehow.

For some reason there's a lone West soldier at the tip of the final arrow leading to L'Espace Noir. I Save Game before the attack.

Base is very well laid out, looks like a proper outpost should. Rush in, cue much dying. Decide to use the Command interface and... send A, B and C in to get slaughtered. Spot a Russian checking me out while I'm healing at their hospital. Cue reload.

The Report Status radio uses too many capitals.

Finally break through, Mr Harris comes out and works his magic - nice scene, by the way.

Attack on Arudy is nice and easy by comparison. It would be an idea to allow the Player to say whether the town is clear or not, if he ends up in command.


First Objective: Stop patrol from reaching the checkpoint
Final Objective: Take command of the platoon.

Very good mission. I prefer the first two instalments, although I love how you've continued several themes throughout the story (such as the characters and their, er, character).

I'll be playing this again sometime, so expect to hear some more feedback later on.

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Re:Out of the Ashes...!
« Reply #56 on: 03 Sep 2005, 02:28:28 »
Thanks for playing guys :)

Your feedback is much appreciated. I've now got a few more issues to tweak...

So bugger it, I'm taking a day off and finishing this damn outro so I can release the next (and hopefully last) beta version. Many improvements, and a few additions. Hopefully the end of the day will see it up...

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Re:Out of the Ashes...!
« Reply #57 on: 03 Sep 2005, 03:46:41 »
Hey, that's a relief. I'm tired of mentioning it in Beta News 8). Each time I think it's dead and buried someone discovers this little treasure and it pops up again. It really is a gem sui. I wish it would leave home and visit the MD.


Just say no to bugz

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Re:Out of the Ashes...!
« Reply #58 on: 03 Sep 2005, 11:15:02 »
Sounding great Sui this is one hell of a mission definately my favourite mission so i cant wait for it to be realeased in the MD your looking for a 10/10 if facile ground didnt get one then this will its everything facile ground is and better definatley a 10
great work cant wait for next release

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Re:Out of the Ashes...!
« Reply #59 on: 05 Sep 2005, 03:06:16 »
Bah... problems as usual.

The outro is done (and looking quite spiffy ;)), but for some reason I'm getting a really ugly bug rearing it's head.

As mentioned above, when the player changes squads (if the LT dies) he remains on alpha squad's radio net. It used to be rare occurence but now happens pretty much without fail. I'm not sure why or what I"m doing wrong, but I'm going to try to fix it before I post the next version.

If I can't fix it in a week I'll post it up anyway and get comments on the intro and the new features I've added...

Thanks for your patience guys ;)