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Move Anim Library?
« on: 20 Sep 2003, 03:19:00 »
In the spirit of Komuna's post:;action=display;threadid=13148

Which is a good idea, unfortunately I can't contribute anything to it.

Spec Op 9 posted the only info about the CfgMovesMC class I could find:


I used this to experiment with some of the default OFP moves, things like crouch and BinocCrouch. Just to get them to stay crouched with a single playmove command.

But I did realise that as the CfgMovesMC class is not dependant on any other class, you could add all the custom moves people have made to one single pbo file. In other words, once you add this to you addons folder, all the new moves would be available to any infantry unit within OFP, user made or default.

I've created a sample addon just to test the theory, called it OFPECAnims.pbo for want of a better name, It contains 5 anims and it's only 3kb in size:


So to get any infantry unit to stay crouched just call:

Soldier1 PlayMove "OFPECCrouch"

When you want him to stop crouching, call the default OFP anim with switchmove:

Soldier1 SwitchMove "Crouch"

These are basic examples and they have there flaws (If anyone can shed some more light on CfgMovesMC, please do!)

I think the real benefit would come from the completely new anims people have made, if you look at Spec Op's post, he has added a load of new rtm files. This would make them easily available to everyone else, if that's what he wanted.

Although it could be a pain trying to keep the thing up to date and bug free, without version control...Hmm...well it's just an idea?
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