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Author Topic: BHD  (Read 3777 times)

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Offline dalton

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« Reply #15 on: 30 Jan 2004, 03:21:36 »
there is a good bhd mission w/o addons. u go get the chopper and u have 2 refuel andthen repair and then go into the city 2 find sum1
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« Reply #16 on: 30 Jan 2004, 05:27:49 »

if you are looking for a script solution to Leave no man behind have a look at this mission:


i implemented some quite detailed scripts around that medic topic.


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« Reply #17 on: 31 Jan 2004, 14:47:00 »
I've got bad news. Anyone who wanted to play my campaign (which is probably not to many of you) you will have to wait. My computer got a virus that wiped out the memory on my computer. Luckily I kept a list of add-ons and a brief synopsis of each mission. It won't take me as long as before to make it, but it will be at least a few months. :'(
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« Reply #18 on: 02 Feb 2004, 11:21:21 »
DAmn :(

I dont think there has YET been an AUTHENTIC BHD mission, sure there are lots of somalia "style" missions, ive made a few myself, but no actual simulations.

Addon wise, your pretty much talking BAS things. Hell, even the graphics on thier site are nicked off BHD.....BAS pretty much was a BHD mod :P, kinda diversifying slightly now, but.....