Author Topic: Great islands with few missions!  (Read 2141 times)

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Re:Great islands with few missions!
« Reply #15 on: 05 Aug 2003, 06:39:15 »
We clearly do things a little differently here in America.
yeah you fire off the faulty missles and let them take out the civies by accident lol joking of course, then again im a brit......and well, we prefer not to use long range missles most of the time, only when absoloutley nessesary.

anyway, im goin 2 play on the latest panzerfaust island, hmm a place called goth-somethingorother, hehehe i like it :D

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Re:Great islands with few missions!
« Reply #16 on: 05 Aug 2003, 11:10:28 »
*senses POLWAR reprisal*

keep it clean lads... don't want a nice interesting thread being locked by America vs The World flame wars  ;)
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Re:Great islands with few missions!
« Reply #17 on: 05 Aug 2003, 21:59:17 »
As I stated in my initial post, I have modified one mission (been busy getting ready for a honeymoon in Hawaii so forgive my pace ;)) but I am awaiting the original author's permission to re-release it. If he agrees, I will modify a few of his missions that I have enjoyed playing and are suitable for use on some of my favorite islands. If/when he agrees, I will need someone to host them in order to beta test. If they are good enough after testing, perhaps I/he will submit them here at OFPEC.

 I am happy to see a good bit of traffic on this thread and the positive responses that it has received.

@Asmodeus - Thanks for the links! When time permits, I will check these out.

It appears that some of the replies kinda bleed over into another current thread about unofficial addons. I personally love having the ability to use different units, weapons, and features that are not BIS standards, but I think that even playing a well done mission with standard BIS units on a different island seems to make it a whole new mission!

Keep up the ideas and posts and if I am unable to reply in the next few days, it may be weeks until I get back to the forums but I will ASAP (not really sure how I am going to handle being away from OFP for a couple of weeks but I should be able find a few ways to occupy myself in a tropical paradise with my new bride ;D).

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