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Where's my mission?
« on: 31 Jul 2003, 21:10:38 »
 Can anyone tell me why the MP mission I submitted last month has disappeared from the 'pending' page? It's called "Leviata 1944"and was submitted on the 23rd June, but when I rattle through the pages, it's not there!
 However, when I list missions by author name... there it is!!!

 This will make it pretty difficult for people to find and download it, and as it was the first mission I've submitted, I was hoping for some comments from anyone who'd tried it out.

 Any ideas why this has happened?

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Re:Where's my mission?
« Reply #1 on: 31 Jul 2003, 22:24:11 »
Well now what do we have here.

OMG! A wierdo buggery bug!

Taken a quick look and it seems that the first page show the first 10 missions and the second page the next 10 starting from mission number 12.
Your mission is currently 11th on the list, and therefore doesn't show.
However if you sort by 25 everything is alright again and your missions is on the list.

Don't worry a thing, a minor bug like this can be fixed in no time (at least, as soon as a person who is resposible for the repairs comes back from his holiday)  ;)

Thank you dor pointing this nasty bugger out for us  :-*
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Re:Where's my mission?
« Reply #2 on: 31 Jul 2003, 23:19:53 »
I'm on vacation from Tommorow to August 11th, so I might fix it after I get back - if it's ok with SnYpir.

If you pop and see this SnYpir, let me know - else we'll just wait until you get back.

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Re:Where's my mission?
« Reply #3 on: 01 Aug 2003, 11:53:22 »
Thanks guys,

 Now all I need is a bit of feedback from people to let me know if the mission is any good!