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1) Class to seek: in init field of unit with bolter write:
hint primaryWeapon this
OK, now you know what to seek in cfgWeapons superclass in config.cpp

if you have patch 2.01 installed

just try this:
bolterName getWeaponParam "model"
and this
bolterName getWeaponParam "picture"
The result may contain path to config location.

use PBOX utility to find pbo with infantry weapons.
If file has weapon models 90% probability what it has gun configs in config.cpp
If it has models but no config - try check PBOs with similar name.

As an alternative, you can use binary search:
a) move a half of addon files to some folder in /addons directory.
b) now try to add bolter to standard BIS Captive soldier:
this addWeapon bolterClassName
c) if error like "class bolterName not found" occures, you need to seek among moved addons, if not -
check out addons left.

And there is also a small chance what bolter class was defined in mod config.
So just seek for a "bolterName" in bin\config.cpp and in hpp files if any present in bin folder.
OFP - Addons & Mods General / OFPWH40K Bolter Editing (Need Help)
« Last post by ReddieChan on 10 Jun 2019, 03:18:51 »
Hey all! I've recently downloaded a big mod for OFP which is the Warhammer 40,0000 Mod, and while it's really cool, it's got one really big issue! The bolters (or a primary weapon for the units) is missing sounds, while others are fine.

I simply want to know how to go about locating the file that contains the bolter or the units with it, and how to edit them to fix the sound.

I'm assuming it would be easier to locate the file containing the weapon that lacks proper sounds and copy/paste the sound code from the other weapons that are working and identical to the non-working weapon. If not that, I'm assuming I'd just have to edit the specific units that are affected by the broken weapon and change their loadout for the editor.

Any advice?
OFP - Addons & Mods Beta Testing / Butterflies
« Last post by SoldierEPilot on 17 May 2019, 23:51:42 »
Hi people!

This small addon was based on materials from Linker Splits's Hi-Def Tropic island pack:
8 butterflies with embedded flying script.

Configs and scripts were reworked.
Dependencies: none.
Side: civilian, vehicle class - #Insects.

Update to version 1.1:
Lower wing-beat frequency [6 per second instead of 8].
Butterflies fly around starting positions at 2-8 meters (instead of scattering around the island).
They also try to avoid player.
Mission Discussion / Upcoming SP Mission OP 'GECKOHUNT'
« Last post by clockx on 11 May 2019, 11:58:17 »

I'm almost finished with my first and last mission for ArmA 2: OA.
I started making it in 2013, if I remember correctly. So it's about time!
It features custom voice acting, sounds and music and a lot of scripts to make it as atmospheric and immersive as possible.
I also put a lot of effort in making the AI behave correctly in a nighttime environment.
It's an ACE2 sniper assassination stealth mission with two switchable player units. (sniper/spotter)
But I will add a vanilla version too.

Operation 'Geckohunt'

SEAL Team THREE Sniper Team, call sign 'Eagle', is on its way to 'Feruz Abad', where Colonel Aziz (call sign 'Gecko') of the Army of Takistan is heading to. 'Eagle' must assassinate 'Gecko'.

I made a trailer for the upcoming release this summer.

"Unofficial sources state, that Colonel Muhammad Rahim Aziz, of the socialist military force of takistan, was assassinated by US special forces. According to our informants, a covert operation took place, in the takistan heartland, close to 'Feruz Abad'. Without any collateral damage, an unnamed two man squad infiltrated the area, to eliminate the head of the authoritarian regime of takistan."
- AAN News

I hope you enjoy.


Hi there,

I know it's a rather long time ago that this topic was posted, but i am playing ofp again since a long time. I have played the game a lot in the past and I liked it a lot.

So, I downloaded some mods/add-ons like BWMOD, WW2 MOD and some others and I am playing around a bit with the game. I also downloaded the map Ivtiliac and I would really like to play it in Capture the Flag with a friend of my. However the wizard does not include Capture the Flag or any other game play mode for Ivtiliac.

I have tried to fix it by going through your explanation by starting in desert island via MP LAN and then later Mission editor Ivtiliac and merging et cetera, but it does not work for me. I have tried it several times. I end up with a multiplayer mission where you can only select one soldier as a player and the whole script for capturing the flag et cetera does not work at all.

I don't know if you are still on this forum, or someone else is, but I really hope I can fix it, because I would love to play the Ivtiliac map in CTF MP.

Kind regards,
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP/CAMP] Underdogs
« Last post by Undeceived on 25 Apr 2019, 19:55:06 »
Hi man, I worked my ass off on this campaign, so it might very well have been changed from the last time you played it. However I don't know which version you tried out, so I can't answer your question completely.

What happened for you in the last mission?
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP/CAMP] Underdogs
« Last post by PatrickNis on 20 Apr 2019, 12:31:27 »
Was this changed at all? I think the endmission was bugged back in the day.
OFP - Addons & Mods Beta Testing / Re: Operation Flashpoint Addons
« Last post by STiT/LK_89 on 19 Apr 2019, 11:42:28 »
Excellent website, my friend! I see you're trying to improve and correct other people's work, just like I often do. :) I never release anything though because it would be a pain to seek authorizations and so on but congratulations on your website and on your willingness to keep OFP alive!  :good:
OFP - Reviewed Missions / Re: (Review Completed) [SP] Abandoned Armies
« Last post by LukieTee on 04 Mar 2019, 20:02:55 »
Recently had the urge to re-install OFP (ArmA:CWC now) and replay this after a passing mention by a colleague about OFP. It feels like it has been a lifetime after beta testing this as a young adult.

Even after all of these years, I'm still blown away by the atmosphere this manages to bring across. Even happier to see OFPEC is still alive and kicking after many of the historic communities and sites have fallen to time.

I hope Thobson still knows that his hard work is still being appreciated all these years later.
Comments & Suggestions / Re: Unable to edit my OFPEC tag
« Last post by CNutter on 14 Feb 2019, 18:46:09 »
Lol good timing I guess.
Thanks man, working great now
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