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the cooperative gaming thread.
« on: 31 Mar 2012, 12:52:40 »
Hi all im new here but have played coop ofp,arma,arma2,oa for many years it would be great to have a coop teamplay pack of missions available for all to link up on xlink kai or xboxconnect,there are lots of old xboxs sat around or being sold real cheap [i have 3], it just needs the missions to be easily available to all.
Im sure operation flashpoint elite even has a dedicated server mode so people could just leave an xbox running with the link to kai or xboxconnect up for people to drop in and out to attract players?
It would be a cheap way into tactical warfare for a lot of people and of course allow large scale gaming so who has missions they could submit to use for this idea,who has an xbox they can leave running,have we any mission modders who can make sure we have decent respawn or heal system for ofp elite?
Sorry to have so many questions but i feel a community could be formed still!

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Re: the cooperative gaming thread.
« Reply #1 on: 31 Mar 2012, 14:14:04 »
Crikey it's been a long time since we looked at any stuff for elite.
From my own experience a few years ago the mission modifications you want are best done by taking a pc mission, editing it to how you want and then port it to the xbox using the eliteness tool.
I might have some converted coop missions lying around on a back up disk somewhere. There were some I was testing on my old xbox before the interest in elite bottomed. I'll have a root around and see what I can find.
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