Privacy Policy

We respect our members' privacy, and we undertake not to pass on members' details to a third party unless compelled to do so by law. During the registration process members must agree to our terms and conditions. OFPEC reserves the right to uphold the privacy of its registered members in accordance with these terms and conditions, except where an individual's membership of OFPEC has directly resulted in or contributed to breach of state, federal, national or international law.

In order to register for membership with OFPEC, users must provide a valid email address. An activation email is sent to that address, without which users cannot join the website. After joining, members may alter their email address, at which point another activation email is sent to the new address. Thus as far as is possible we maintain accurate email records for our members.

As a rule, OFPEC will not send any type of contact to members' email addresses, except when alerting individuals to changes in their account, for example a name or password change, where internal communication would therefore be impractical.

OFPEC will never request personal information from members, including confirmation of passwords. If you receive such a request do not respond to it, and instead notify the OFPEC Site Administrators.

Members have control over the details held by us in their profile, and can choose whether or not to allow their email to be seen by others. They may also request to change their username and/or display name. All other information submitted by members and associated with their profiles is done so voluntarily.

OFPEC maintains records of IP addresses associated with members' use of the website. This is for administration purposes only. OFPEC also uses a cookie, a text file containing bits of information (such as a member's username and password), in the member's browser cache. This is used only to keep members logged in or out.