OFPEC Command Reference

Way back in the mists of time when Operation Flashpoint was but a young upstart in the gaming world, an enterprising individual named LustyPooh collated the first Unofficial Command Reference, and along with Niosop compiled lists of commands and their functions. The Command Reference was further developed by various editors who added lists of weapons and vehicles - in short, everything an editor would need as a reference for the game.

Bohemia Interactive eventually released their own Official Command Reference for Operation Flashpoint, and it's still in circulation today. Shortly afterwards OFPEC built its own online COMREF, a combination of the Unofficial and Official versions, along with helpful comments and findings from experienced editors.

The OFPEC COMREF has developed over time to include new commands and config details for Armed Assault. The current version exists mainly due to the dedication of Planck, and it remains one of OFPEC's most significant and useful resources.