OFPEC Missions Depot

The Missions Depot hosts reviewed missions and campaigns for Arma2, ArmA, Elite and OFP, free for download.

Each of these missions has been submitted to OFPEC by members, tested thoroughly by the members, given a fair and balanced review by our seasoned Missions Depot Staff, and are hosted here for the enjoyment of the entire Community.

The review includes information about addons required to play the mission, a general overview, and a balanced critique by one of our experienced Missions Depot Staff. Each mission has also been given a score, which we like to think gives a fairly accurate rating of the mission's quality. However, in all cases you should download the missions and make your own decision, and you can make your thoughts about a mission known both by rating it and by leaving a comment for the mission author.

The Missions Depot section of the Forum is where members can submit their work in progress. Beta testing during the development of a mission improves the quality of the finished mission - it helps keep the bugs at bay too.

How do I get my mission tested?

So, you spent some time developing a mission and are pretty satisfied with the result. This is where OFPEC's Missions Depot comes into play! First, browse to the OFPEC forum and open the appropriate board: OFP, Arma (SP), ARMA (MP), ARMA2(SP) or ARMA2(MP). Almost every topic you see now is about an individual mission. Your mission is going to end up there too, but before it does you should read How to submit your missions. If you follow the checklist, you ensure that testers have all the info they need.

After this, wait a couple of days and voilà - there will be reports! In the meantime, why not beta test missions yourself?

How do I beta test someone else's mission?

While mission authors try to supply missions for all mission hungry members, they in turn help the authors improve their missions. Often, mission authors test each other's mission; to help those in the same situation and sometimes to learn of others. Beta testing isn't hard, the hardest thing is to get the right feeling for it. In short: grab a mission from the beta boards, play it & write up a report which includes a list of bugs and comments. Further information can be found here.