The Forum is the backbone of OFPEC and is where most of the activity happens. The board structure mirrors that of the Depots, and so there are categories for general editing and scripting, missions, and addons. If you have an editing-related problem, and a search of the Forum and FAQ doesn't yield a satisfactory answer, post your question and you'll benefit from the experience and knowledge of the rest of the Community.

The Forum is also the front door to testing your resources. Scripts, missions, addons - whatever project you're working on, you can post the work in progress on the appropriate board and receive help from fellow editors. Over the years we've found that a fresh pair of eyes can more easily spot potential bugs and identify improvements to make good resources even better.

We have a few basic common-sense guidelines for using the Forum which we ask all members to observe when posting. The main thing to be aware of is that the OFPEC Forum only deals with editing-related discussion - for everything else there's the Bohemia Interactive Forum.