ArmA Editing Tools (23)

ArmA / Script


by Kegetys

ArmAlib extends the scripting capabilities of Armed Assault making it possible to use an SQLite database, download data from the web, communicate with in-game scripts in real time using named pipes, and other various features.

ArmA / Script

Notepad++ is a useful tool for programming in text files, but sadly it didn't have support for SQF. This addon for notepad++ solves this by adding a lexer for SQF and adds support for folding.

OFPArmA / Script

SQF/SQS syntax highlighting for the Vim editor.


by i0n0s

A real time editor for ArmA.

ArmA / Graphics

This utility is, in essence, a particle effect editor that allows you to edit
the 55 or so parameters associated with particle effects with a series of
dialogs, and see the results first hand in real time

OFPArmA / Mission Editing

Lists all the unit/vehicle classes used in a selected mission.sqm file.

OFPArmA / Mission Editing

Campaign editor tool for OFP, you will need to tweak a bit the resulting description.ext for ArmA.

ArmA / Editor Addon

Launcher utility for Modifications

ArmA Log Parser

by Yoma

A small tool that could be interesting for server admins/ people who have a lot of problems and check the Armed Assault rpt frequently.

OFPArmA / Script

Syntax highlighting for the text-editor, Crimson Editor (SQS, SQF, EXT and SQM files - up to ArmA 1.14)

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Beginner's Tutorial

All you need to know about how to start editing.

Multiplayer Tutorial

This tutorial explains the mysteries of multiplayer editing.

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