ArmA Weapons Scripts (11)

ArmA / Weapons

Mine Backpack Explode

by Shark Attack & JohnnyBoy

When you shoot an engineer carrying a mine on his pack, an explosion occurs.

ArmA / Weapons

Advanced popup target script which the mission author can set how long the popup target stays down. It also can control  how many shots it takes to know it down.

ArmA / Weapons

Attach and detatch ACOG, M203, Aimpoint, GP-25 and/or suppressors (silencers) on your weapons in-game.

ArmA / Weapons

A plane will perform real and accurate free fall or SADARM bomb runs against indicated object or coordinates.

ArmA / Weapons

Fire and configure missiles, create missile launchers for AI or players using any existing vehicle, plane, ship, chopper or thing, add automatic or manual chaff and flares dispensers to your vehicles, replace all vanilla ArmA missiles by mando ones, etc. (Please, do not mirror this resource yet).

ArmA / Weapons

Allows the player to have two "large" or primary weapons and switch between them at will.

ArmA / Weapons

Allows you to place explosives on vehicles and disarm them or detonate them even if the vehicle is moving.

ArmA / Weapons

Looking for a method to enable the player to conceal weapons?

ArmA / Weapons

Shows wind, weather, target and weapon info while you aim with your sniper rifle.

ArmA / Weapons

Pretty basic but easy to use script to make a harrier drop its bomb when the desired waypoint is reached.

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