ArmA Scripts (111)

A script to protect your base from being raped by opposing players.

In its simplest form, what PS allows you to do is simply point your gun at anyone who's teamswitchable, and press a key (as defined by yourself), and you teamswitch into them!

ArmA /

A script to simulate hot wiring a car.

The script is quite simple. Its aim is to simulate dismount drill for the AI

Dynamically detects or creates runway edgelights for any airport on any map and lights them up brightly.

A script to simulate a concussion effect from explosions.

A script which presents the text letter by letter instead of all the text at once.

ArmA / Vehicles

A script that replicates hummers, upside-down and burning.

Here's a brand new template that caters to the crowd looking a more realistic pace and flow. This template allows new missions to be made as simple as possible with lots of room for variety and configuration by the creator.

ArmA / Camera

This is just a simple cam script which moves the camera around the target.

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