ArmA Functions (14)

A function for determining the closest waypoint to any particular map spot.

ArmA / Maths

Format numbers as strings

Adds several string manipulation functions.

*Updated to work with 1.09 & 1.11


ArmA / Camera

Places two units a few metres apart for a dialogue. The function is easy to use and will output the old position of the unit which will be moved to allow for easy replacing after the conversation.

ArmA / Maths

Returns the angle between obj1 and obj2, checks whether obj2 is inside field of view of obj1 and also returns the angle that obj1 needs to turn (left or right) to have obj2 centered.

ArmA / Maths

Gives a name (e.g. "North North-West," "NNW") of a compass direction given a value in degrees or a vector.

You can now create playing card type games for Armed Assault using this simple library.

ArmA / Weapons

Returns the weapon in hand of the passed unit.

Returns the position (standing up, crouch or prone) of a soldier.

ArmA / Weapons

BinoTarget is a set of functions that allows targeting via binoculars

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