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[Arma2] Arma 2 Editor Must-Know Manual by AFOF_Murdock

Version 1
Added 12 Jun 2011
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A complete guide from the simple to more advanced most commonly-used features of the Arma2 map editor.


  • Detailed explanations of all aspects discussed in the manual
  • A code list on the end of the manual
  • A full classname list WAS PLANNED, but is not included (for now)
  • Large screenshots (shot in ArmA 2 Combined Ops) and one video (for now) are included
  • Tutorials on using, editing and creating
  • External text files tutorials
  • In-game result and example screenshots
  • Excellent graphical design
  • Full 45 pages of information
  • Includes screenshots from ArmA 2 and Operation Arrowhead as well
  • Contains information on Operation Arrowhead-only functions as well


  • Basic use of the Editor
    1. The interface
    2. Adding and editing units
    3. Adding and editing waypoints
    4. Adding and editing triggers
    5. Adding and editing groups
    6. Synchronizing
  • Intermediate use of the Editor
    1. Modules
    2. The init field and coding
    3. Air vehicles control
    4. Unit gear control
    5. Boarding vehicles
    6. Mission editing modes
    7. Camera scripting
  • Advanced use of the editor
    1. Practical use of triggers and syncing
    2. Inserting custom background music
    3. Calling in predefined CAS
    4. Calling in Artillery strikes/CAS on marked targets
    5. Advanced use of modules
    6. HALO jumps
    7. AttachTo and SetPos commands
    8. Briefings
  • Scripting, scripts and codes
    1. Useful and used coded
  • Documentation
    1. External links
    2. Credits, thanks and terms of use
    3. Please read this appeal


Just download and unzip (use winzip, winrar or windows explorer's unzipper).

Open with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.


This guide is based only on Singleplayer mission editing and scripting. Known AI and similar bugs encountered with dedicated servers are noted here, however no guidelines on creating a mission for online gameplay, or adapting one are found in this manual. Also it is fully concentrated on the 2D editor features, no 3D editor references.

Credits & Thanks

BIS Wiki
BIS forums

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