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[Arma2] Mando Heliroute for ArmA2 by Mandoble

Version 1.3
Added 22 Aug 2009
Downloads 4475
Demo included Yes
Filesize 34.33KB
User rating 5/5
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This script allows you to script any range chopper trips and accurate landings anywhere without using any invisible or visible helipads.

Usually if you give a destination really far away, ArmA engine stalls trying to resolve the path and the chopper will refuse to move. Not any more.

What probles does solve this script?
- If you give a destination really far away, ArmA engine stalls trying to solve the path and the chooper will refuse to move.
- If you order a chopper to land at destination, it will land anywhere except where you want it to land, much less on building roofs, between streets or ship's decks.

Read mando_heliroute_arma.sqf and demo mission's init.sqf for usage examples and instructions.

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