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[ArmA] ArmAlib by Kegetys

Version 1.02
Added 04 Mar 2009
Downloads 476
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ArmAlib extends the scripting capabilities of Armed Assault making it possible to use an SQLite database, download data from the web, communicate with in-game scripts in real time using named pipes, and other various features.


List of current features:

  • Access to two SQLite databases 
  • HTTP GET support to retrieve data from the web 
  • Windows clipboard access (set and get string) 
  • Setting mouse cursor position (same as ArmA function 'setMousePosition' which does not work) 
  • Retrieving mouse information, including cursor position, "relative" positions and button states 
  • Setting TrackIR X,Y,Z and roll axis freedom for "6DOF" support 
  • Retrieving the current viewdistance, camera X/Y FOV, current screen resolution and arma command line 
  • Creating Universally Unique Identifiers (UUID) 
  • Night vision goggles effect detection 
  • 'ScriptLink' feature, which allows real time communication with external applications using a Windows named pipe 
  • Debug output


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