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[ArmA] SPON HoloMap by Spooner

Version v0.4.0
Added 18 Dec 2008
Downloads 379
Demo included Yes
Filesize 2.61MB
User rating 5/5

HoloMap creates a 3D holographic representation of the game world, showing friendly (blue) and non-friendly (red) vehicles, as well as missiles fired, as blips. Alternatively, using the @DBO_miniatures addon (included), show vehicles using scale models!

  • Creates a 3D holographic representation of the game world, showing friendly (blue) and non-friendly (red) vehicles, as well as missiles fired (white), as blips.
  • Friendly and/or enemy infantry can be shown on the map if required, assuming they have radios and GPS, rather than using radar to detect them. This can be limited to just showing roup leaders, to reduce clutter.
  • Automatically renders a 3D map of any island, including ground textures (grass, urban, rock, sand, etc). Higher ground is given a lighter shade, in order to improve terrain shape recognition.
  • Each HoloMap projector is associated with a nearby or remote sensor object (such as a radar tower or AWACS plane) and will show a HoloMap centred on that sensor's position, at least until the sensor is destroyed.

  • Any vehicle or object can be made into a jamming device, with a specific range of effect. If a HoloMap projector or sensor is inside a jamming zone, then the projector will not show anything. A jamming zone is clearly marked on any HoloMap that is outside the jamming zone, but it will hide all blips within the zone. Jammer vehicles only cause interference when their engine is turned on, but other jamming objects, such as towers, are always on until they are destroyed.
  • Any vehicle can be given a stealth factor, which reduces the range at which it can be detected.
  • 100% client-side scripts with no broadcasts, so absolutely no effect on network traffic or server load.
  • Optional: By installing Deanosbeano's DBO Miniatures addons, you will see tiny representations of vehicles, including missile trails and burning vehicle effects!

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