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[ArmA] Mando Hitching by Mandoble

Version 1.5
Added 12 Aug 2008
Downloads 3363
Demo included Yes
Filesize 28.28KB
User rating 4/5
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Allows players to hitch vehicles using choppers. Please do not mirror this resource yet.

You may allow hitching for individual choppers or chopper classes. The pilot has a hud with info about closest detected vehicle and its relative position, so you can proceed with accurate hitching operations without even using external views.


Changes in 1.5:

  • Now you can toggle mando hitch hud ON/OFF from action menu.
  • Now you can set hud scale and X and Y offsets, so you can place it anywhere in the screen.
  • Hud now displays cargo type also in text.
  • Destroyed vehicles can be hitched too.
  • You can define heavy choppers and heavy cargo. Heavy cargo classes can be hitched only by heavy transport classes.
  • HUD colours adjusted to be more readable in any condition.


Changes in 1.4:

  • You now can hitch and drop static weapons and static objects.
  • You can hitch only civilian (empty) or your own side cargo.


Changes in 1.3:

  • You now can hitch and drop ammo boxes.
  • Hitching hud does not interfere any more with Mando Missile huds.
  • You now can hitch and drop airplanes, if fast enough they'll keep flying.
  • Cargo will not try to go underground even if you fly really low.
  • Now you can transport cargo as long as the cargo is not destroyed, so you can transport severely damaged vehicles too.
  • Minimum altitude to drop a cargo may be overridden with new mando_hitch_no_check_for_drop global variable.
  • Hitching hud is gone if you are not hitching any cargo and there is no potential cargo nearby.


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