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[ArmA] SPON VBIED (Car bombs) by Spooner

Version 0.2.0
Added 29 Sep 2007
Downloads 1178
Demo included Yes
Filesize 88.33KB
User rating Not yet rated

Allows you to place explosives on vehicles and disarm them or detonate them even if the vehicle is moving.

"Although satchel charges can be placed on the ground, they cannot be used as VBIEDs (Vehicle-Based Improvised Explosive Devices). These scripts allow anyone with a specific type of magazine in their inventory to use it to place a VBIED on a vehicle. This then allows that vehicle to be disarmed or detonated, in a fashion similar to a normal satchel charge. Requires that the SPON Core scripts package be installed in the mission (v0.1.1 or higher). Both SPON VBIED and SPON Core are script-based and do not require any addons to be installed on client or server."

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