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[ArmA] SPON Recognise by Spooner

Version v0.4.0
Added 22 Mar 2009
Downloads 665
Demo included Yes
Filesize 574.58KB
User rating 3/5

Anyone playing the game properly will have friend (& foe) tags off since they are very gamey, however, there needs to be some way to recognise your comrades without telepathy!

Allows players who have friendly tags turned off to manually recognise their allies (infantry, corpses and vehicle crews) when they are very close.

  • Press TEAMSWITCH (which defaults to "T" key) to activate recognition for whatever you are looking at (based on weapon direction if you are using a hand-weapon, but centre of screen if unarmed or in a vehicle).
  • When used as a client-side addon (that is, without it being configured from inside the mission), infantry are recognised up to 40m, vehicle crews to 2m, corpses (all sides) to 3m.
  • Option for which types of people can be recognised: own group, own side, allies, friendly or everyone.
  • Option to recognise infantry at a specific distance.
  • Option to recognise corpses at a specific distance.
  • Option to recognise vehicle crews at a specific distance.
  • Option to recognise all corpses at a specific distance, regardless of whether they could have been recognised when alive (think: dogtags).

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