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[ArmA] Mando Chaser by Mandoble

Version 1.1
Added 06 Sep 2007
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This script creates the indicated vehicle or uses an existing one to pursue and kill a list of units.

Do you remember DUEL by Spielberg? Well this script is much more effective and hilarious than that old truck Cheesy. You may find the scripts adequate to recreate vehicle vs vehicle accidents or whatever else you may have in mind. The murdering unit is a lot more interested in the drivers of the targetted vehicles. It will pursue and hit the vehicles until their drivers get out, then it will pursue and kill them too. *Updated to v1.1 *aded a new mission without camera following the vehicle (mando_chaser_nc) and invoke.sqf so you may invoke the real devil chaser at will Cheesy *mando_chaser.sqf updated to v1.1, movement adjusted to be more realistic with 1.08 physics *invoke.sqf updated to v1.1, now it tracks correctly the number of alive drivers

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