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[Arma2] Practical uses of the attachTo command Part 3 by norrin

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Added 30 Jul 2009
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Put car in C-130 is a script that allows you to put a car or hummer etc in the cargo section of a C-130, fly it round then unmount the vehicle.

To implement in your own missions
1. Copy the mountOnC130 folder from the test mission into your mission file.
2. Create a pick-up in the editor and name it, , then in the C130's init box put:

nul = [this,"car"] execVM "mountOnC130\mount_vcl_init.sqf";

3. Create a player in the editor and name it.
4. Create a car of some sort in the editor.

To use:
1. Move close to the rear of the C130 make sure a car is close at hand and then use the action: "Load vehicle on C-130"
2. You can then fly around.
3. Get out of the plane then "Unload Vehicle".

Other Notes
You can probably put just about anything into the C-130, just makes sure you put the correct class in the C130's init box line, you may also need to change this line

_mountVcl attachTo [_vcl,[0,0,-2]]; 

in the mount_vcl.sqf which you can find in the mountOnC130 folder.

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