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[Arma2] Hoz_Countdown by Hoz

Version 1.3
Added 30 Jul 2009
Downloads 740
Demo included No
Filesize 4.74KB
User rating 4/5
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Count down time script which displays a non intrusive dialog with counter.

Another converted resource to ArmA2. This script is a count downtimer dialog. It works just like the ArmA version with some minor changes to uinamespace. (Thanks spooner!)

 * Multiple warnings at your choice of interval.
 * Two formats of time "HH:MM:SS" or  "HH:MM"

The script ends when the MaxTime is reached.
You can end the script prematurely by setting hoz_timerOn = false
You may wish to wait to load this script after the mission has started.
For example give all other scripts a chance to load before loading hozTimer

Image available here



* v1.3 Cleared the time off the screen, it was sticking on.

* v1.2 Made it arma2 compatible.

* v.08 Cleaned up the read me with real information. Smiley
* v.07 Fixed the demo mission so it ends properly.
* v.07 Hoz_timerOn = false now works when timer is completed.
* v.06 beta Release

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