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MCAR Engine

by Psychic Productions

Latest version 0.9.5 (updated 19.05.2018).

MCAR Engine is the latest development in Project MCAR, an addon enabling Car class vehicles to fire missiles in Operation Flaspoint: Resistance/Cold War Assault.

Tonal Isle is a large world map for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance.
Set on the south east coast Africa, and combined with BAS OPFOR, it offers a wide variety of environments and battlefields for OFP, and a scenario / theme to open up new missions in the Tonal world.

-This addon provides users with units and weapons and vehicles representing the:
US (Army, Marines, Air Cav, Special Forces, LRRP, MFR, SEALs),
Viet-Cong (Main Force VC and Local VC) and
North Vietnamese Army (NVA) soldiers.

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