ArmA Addon Tools (15)

ArmA / Modelling

BIS Models

by BI

BI's preliminary release of models before they released a more comprehensive collection.

OFPArmA / Miscellaneous

Originally designed to unpack PBO files from OFP Elite for the XBox, this tool also works with OFP, OFPRes, ArmA and Arma2.

OFPArmA / Modelling

Roller is a community made software developed by Spooner to convert and process OFP and ArmA island files.

Its primary purpose is to convert OFP islands to ArmA for the ACE Island Pack, but it can also do some processing that could be useful to people making new ArmA islands.

ArmA / Miscellaneous


by Bohemia Interactive

Utilities to create digital signatures

ArmA / Miscellaneous


by Bohemia Interactive

DSCreateKey is a tool to create digital signing keys for signing ArmA content.

ArmA / Modelling


by Voyager

For viewing Armed Assault pbo's without opening them. You can associate pbo files with this tool.

ArmA / Texture

Texview 2

by Bohemia Interactive

Bohemia Interactives newest version of their texture viewer and conversion tool.

ArmA / Modelling

Sample Models of Vehicles & Weapons

by Bohemia Interactive

Sample Models of all Vehicles and Weapons from Arma, including associated configuration files.

ArmA / Island

Visitor 3

by Bohemia Interactive

Tool from Bohemia Interactive that allows you to create and edit island maps.

ArmA / Modelling

Sample of all Environment Models from Arma (Plants, Fences etc), including associated configuration files.

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