[OFPRes] BAS Blackhawks + SOAR pilots by Ballistic Addon Studios

Version 1.0
Added 16 May 2009
Downloads 3139
Demo included Yes
Filesize 17.75MB
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Contains a number of Blackhawk variants + pilots for the West side.

BAS_Blackhawks version 1.00
BAS_SOAR version 2.00

MH-60K,  MH-60L,  AH-60L DAP, UH-60L, UH-60L wreck
SOAR pilots and crew

Please see attached readme for more information.

NOTE: This .zip file is based on bas_429_bas_blackhawks1_soar2_jam1.zip, but JAM 1 has been removed since a newer version of JAM is available here on OFPEC.

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