[ArmA] Cold War Rearmed Addons by CWR Team

Version 0.80
Added 11 Nov 2008
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CWR Addons contains addons that are not from the original OFP:R series, but which had been made by the community.

The current CWR Addons are:

  •  Winter Kolgujev

  •  CWR Editor, which contains the classes of the OFP addons objects1.pbo, objects2.pbo, editorupgradeONE.pbo and the EditorUpdates

Copyright  2007 Bohemia Interactive and the Cold War Rearmed team. All rights reserved. ArmA: Cold War Rearmed is distributed under the same conditions as the original game. See the EULA for ArmA: Armed Assault for more information.

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