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Author Topic: More bullets, less hits, more wounded, more real?  (Read 6456 times)
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« Reply #45 on: 04 Dec 2003, 02:48:56 »

Sounds like a great script, good luck with it.
In answer to...um...someones question earlier about the accuracy of the AK, most varients of the AK are very accurate for the first, and possibly the second shot, and after that it sprays everywhere. For example, if you aimed at a soldiers neck with the AK and took your time aiming, the first shot of a three round burst would hit dead on the neck, the second within a foot of his head, and the third, who knows, this would be at a range of approx. 35-50 meters. Hope that helps a bit.
« Reply #46 on: 05 Jan 2004, 23:37:55 »

hey Zayfod,

On a releated topic, can we get the Bullet Whiz sound script seperate from the ECP??

Great script by the way Smiley
« Reply #47 on: 02 Jun 2004, 12:27:14 »

Any news on this script?
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« Reply #48 on: 02 Jun 2004, 21:31:39 »

WOW this thread was started over a year ago... Shocked

yer, any news???    ;D


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« Reply #49 on: 04 Jun 2004, 04:06:13 »

Wow Shocked,
yes this is an old thread. Thanks for all the interest guys but I stopped development of this script ages ago. I joined the ECP team and have been constantly busy with that.

However, that is not to say that the initial goal has been dropped--that being suppressive fire from AI. If anything, the high attention this thread has gained has proven once again that this was, and still is, one of the most sought after additions to the game.

What I will say is this,
my drive to attain this goal combined with the skill, experiance and drive of other like minded fellows (both inside and outside the ECP) has brought the ECP to the brink of achieving this. And the preliminary results are no short of scary. In particular, General Barron has made some great config updates that are in this area.

This script was the stepping stone for me, and although it decreases AI accuracy in a random manner it doesnt portray the true nature of covering fire. That is what we are still working on--and its looking better than it ever has. Smiley

But, make no promises tell no lies Cheesy

Once again, thanks for the interest and stay tuned for a unique ECP update in the (not too distant) future.

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« Reply #50 on: 04 Jun 2004, 12:39:45 »

Excellent to hear, can't wait until ECP can do this.  ;D
« Reply #51 on: 24 Aug 2004, 02:03:42 »

HavenÂ't posted in AGES, but reading this, I must say it sounds promising for future ECPs. This must be why I never get tired of OFP?
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« Reply #52 on: 08 Mar 2013, 20:00:18 »

Please can someone post the example mission/scripts that used to be in this thread.
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