Author Topic: CTF - Flag Return time limit. AAARRRGGG!!!  (Read 457 times)

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CTF - Flag Return time limit. AAARRRGGG!!!
« on: 29 Jan 2003, 08:31:30 »
I'm going to assume that because I've only seen this problem in one other posting, I'm just missing something and it isn't a problem at all.
In the official CTF maps that I've played, if both flags have been captured, after a certain period of time (say, ten minutes) both flags return to their respective poles and it all starts again.
However, in every custom map that I and my friends have produced, the flags don't return.  We've had situations where both flags are out for over an hour at least.  You can get yourself killed, and the flag just stays on the body, even after you respawn.
As I stated in the subject line above, "AAARRRGGG!!!"
It's very frustrating.
The maps have been made using both the editor and the Map Wizard.  Whatever trigger or script there is that is supposed to control this particular behavior, isn't included.
So, as I said, because there are virtually no other posts about this issue, I'm obviously just not seeing something or doing something wrong.
Either way, I fervently hope someone can enlighten me.
Thanks in advance.

Nasty Buttler

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Re:CTF - Flag Return time limit. AAARRRGGG!!!
« Reply #1 on: 01 Feb 2003, 09:15:01 »
Leave it with me, I've got the code somewhere around here


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Re:CTF - Flag Return time limit. AAARRRGGG!!!
« Reply #2 on: 01 Feb 2003, 10:11:25 »
Hey thanks, I appreciate the response, but in the interim, I figured it out.
It took decompiling one of the original maps and copying the sensors over to my maps .sqm file.  But it worked.  That's all I care about.

I do find it strange that this particular trigger isn't included in the Map Wizard sd one of the defaults.  I also find it strange that this doesn't seem to be a problem that appears on the message boards.  With amount of difficulty I and my friends had, I would think there'd be more questions posted.
Thanks again.